UNO Announces Major Gift to Maverick Hockey

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The gift was given by Ron and Connie Brasel, fans who have supported the team since its inception.

The University of Nebraska at Omaha’s hockey program recently received the largest gift in its history – a gift that will be used to enhance its future.

The gift was made by Ron and Connie Brasel of Omaha through the University of Nebraska Foundation. The lifelong hockey fans have supported the Maverick hockey team since the program’s inception.

When UNO’s program began we wanted to see what the college hockey experience was like,” says Ron. “We absolutely fell in love with the college game. We’ve been hooked on UNO hockey since day one at the Civic Auditorium.”

UNO played its first hockey game in October 1997 and now is in its 14th season.

It was not only their love of the game that motivated the Brasels to give, though. Ron explains that they’ve had the opportunity to meet student-athletes, who he calls “an incredible bunch of kids,” as well as UNO Athletics staff and hockey coaches. He says it was upon meeting them that he and Connie “really saw the fire and passion for the program.”

“It ultimately was the passion at UNO for hockey that inspired us to make the gift,” says Ron.

“The Brasel family has been tremendously generous over the years to our Maverick hockey program,” says Dean Blais, UNO hockey coach. “It’s because of supporters like the Brasels that our program continues to grow on the national scene. We cannot thank the Brasels enough for their ongoing commitment to UNO hockey.”

Trev Alberts, UNO athletic director, says the Brasel’s gift will benefit the hockey program in many ways.

“Because their gift is directed toward enhancing the future of Maverick hockey, our program will be enhanced today and in the seasons to come,” says Alberts.

Ron believes the gift will enable Maverick hockey to become a top-tiered program.

“We are extremely proud of what UNO has become and very pleased to be in a position to help,” he adds.

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