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UNO Aviation’s newest flight simulator, a Boeing 737, is flown by students Jonathan Corey and Hunter Pherson.

Learning to Fly

Gemma Ossi is on her way to becoming a professional pilot with the help of a new, privately funded addition at UNO’s Aviation Institute — a Boeing 737 jet simulator.

Chancellor Joanne Li speaks at UNO commencement.

The Identity of an Urban University

UNO Chancellor Joanne Li is passionate about Omaha, and her community-based vision for UNO helped inspire a landmark $19 million gift to the university from Barbara and Wally Weitz.

Samuel Bak standing in his new gallery on the UNO campus.

Hope in the Darkness

Students are learning the art of moving forward through the work of Holocaust survivor Samuel Bak.

Civil Engineering Student Loves Everything about Nebraska, Even the Weather

The child of military parents, Jennifer Davis has lived all over the world but feels at home in Nebraska. The UNL engineering student, who takes classes at UNO, plans to stay in the state after she graduates. She hopes to use her training to safeguard one of Nebraska’s greatest natural assets.

Serenity on Campus

UNO’s Community Counseling Clinic has progressed rapidly in recent years. The growth is partly due to an accelerating demand for counseling services brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and an easing of the stigma around mental health. But it is also due to the department’s rising-star faculty and the national attention they’ve garnered from their research.

All the Right Moves

By Susan Houston Klaus How the UNO Pitching Lab Is Helping Athletes Improve Their Games The digital images generated in the University of Nebraska at