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The mission of the Buffett Early Childhood Institute at the University of Nebraska is to transform the lives of young children by improving their learning and development. The Institute makes use of the interdisciplinary resources and research of the four University of Nebraska campuses and works with schools, agencies, community partners and policy makers to implement and support high‐quality, evidence‐based services, programs and policies for young children and their families. It builds on the land grant and metropolitan college philosophy, on the experience of the university campuses and on the promise of basic and applied research, training, policy development and outreach to all corners of the state — urban, rural and suburban.

Two signature programs, Achievement Gap Challenge and Early Childhood Workforce Development Program, shape the Buffett Early Childhood Institute’s efforts to improve the lives of children.

Achievement Gap Challenge 

The Achievement Gap Challenge aspires to narrow the gap in learning and development between children coming from economically advantaged families and children living in poverty.

Early Childhood Workforce Development Program

The Early Childhood Workforce Development Program focuses on improving the quantity, quality, and skills of educators and other professionals who teach and care for children.


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Excellence Fund at the Buffett Early Childhood Institute

The Buffett Early Childhood Institute Fund was established for the benefit and support of early childhood development at the Buffett Early Childhood Institute.

Early Childhood Workforce Development Fund at the Buffett Early Childhood Institute

Rosemary Edzie

Buffett Early Childhood Institute

Rosemary earned her bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, a master's degree in education, leadership and social policy from Loyola University and a Ph.D. in education administration from UNL. Rosemary is passionate about education, in particular, educational access and early childhood education.


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