Make the difference

As a passionate supporter of the University of Nebraska, you already know the value it brings to the state and to the world at large. Every day, lives are being changed and saved by the University of Nebraska.

Do your friends know? Does your family know? Your Facebook friends? Sharing the work of the university with your social networks can have a big impact. 

Why not use your passion and your voice to become a fundraiser for the University of Nebraska? 

Option 1 - Start a crowdfunding campaign

Are you ready to grow your fundraising idea into a reality?

The University of Nebraska Foundation now has a crowdfunding tool available for passionate supporters of the University of Nebraska!

Our mission-inspired, project-focused tool enables passionate members of the general public, student organizations, alumni and University of Nebraska faculty and staff to raise funds for special projects and help proposals reach new heights.

To make Nebraska Grow.

Our easy-to-use, mobile-optimized online platform simplifies the process, allowing you and your team to track the progress to 100% with a status bar. The platform helps engage communities and elevate campaigns, maximizing donor conversion. Put another way, our tool helps you stand out and bring critical awareness to your project.

What are you passionate about at the University of Nebraska? Early childhood education? Cancer research? Student scholarships? Food insecurity? 

Whatever it is, it’s likely you’ve been financially supporting this cause already, and you probably know A LOT about it. 

Now that you know what cause you’d like to fundraise for, who will you share your story with? 

Are you a member of a Facebook group that might be interested? Do you have a large Twitter following? A large social circle?

If you’ve decided to become a champion and have found your cause and your crowd, it’s time to get started. 

First, make sure you read through our crowdfunding resources and crowdfunding FAQ guides. If you have any questions, contact us for help. 

Once you’ve finished that, you’re ready to become a fundraiser. Apply now!

Option 2 - Host an Event

Do you already host fundraising events that benefit the University of Nebraska? Are you considering hosting an event? 

The University of Nebraska Foundation has tools and resources available to assist with event registrations, team-based fundraisers, tax-deductible giving and more. 

We can help facilitate sporting events and tournaments, dinners, fashion shows, marathons, school fundraisers and donations in honor of birthdays, weddings and other special events. 

We’d love to help you with your event and allow your participants to deduct a portion of their gift. 

Have questions or need advice? Contact us today. 

Measure your life by the difference 
you’ve made in someone else’s.

When you make a gift to the University of Nebraska Foundation you can trust that it will be used in the way in which it was intended. That’s a promise we’ve kept with our donors since our organization was founded in 1936.