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The Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture (NCTA) is a two-year public college in the University of Nebraska system, first serving the students and people of Nebraska, but also the nation and the world. Since its founding in 1965, NCTA has evolved into a quality institution of higher education, committed to excellence in program offerings, responsive to a dynamically changing agricultural industry and the aspirations of a diverse student population.

Coordinated scholarship, teaching and extension efforts between NCTA, the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the University of Nebraska–Lincoln contribute to the development of a highly skilled and educated workforce necessary to the economic well-being of Nebraska.

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Josh Egley

Senior Director of Development, UNL Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Josh has been with the foundation since 2008. He has a Bachelor of Science in secondary education from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Josh's experience at UNL was very positive, and working at the foundation allows him to help make that same experience available to other students. It also allows him to give back to his alma mater.

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