Support UNO and UNMC through Omaha Gives!

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On May 25, join the Omaha community in Omaha Gives! — a 24-hour charitable challenge to benefit the community’s nonprofits.

This year’s online fundraising event features nearly 700 local nonprofits, including two University of Nebraska programs: the UNO Maverick Food Pantry and the UNMC SHARING clinics. Both address key affecting the Omaha community.

Through Omaha Gives! you have the opportunity to support these University of Nebraska programs as well as any other participating group.

Visit on May 25, from midnight to midnight, to donate. Every gift will make a difference and help the UNO and UNMC programs receive a percentage of a matching challenge gift available to all participating organizations.


Each year, University of Nebraska Medical Center student and faculty volunteers provide medical care to people in need by offering high-quality, low-cost health care and human services.

Through the four SHARING (Student Health Alliance Reaching Indigent Need Groups) Clinics nearly 1,000 people each year receive primary health care; HIV and STD testing; primary care for Type 2 diabetes; and vision care.

The UNMC students involved in SHARING change and save lives not only by providing quality care, but also by managing the clinics’ operations which includes fundraising for SHARING’s annual budget.

But UNMC wants to help even more families in need.

Please support the UNMC SHARING clinics through Omaha Gives! For every $1 donated, roughly $8 in medical services can be provided.

UNO Maverick Food Pantry

Food insecurity is becoming more evident on college campuses nationwide. The University of Nebraska at Omaha is no exception.

Since UNO opened its food pantry on campus in 2013, it has distributed nearly 10,000 pounds of food to currently enrolled UNO students and other members of the UNO community who are in need.

This critical assistance includes nutritionally balanced food packages containing about two days worth of non-perishable food items for each individual.

Please support the UNO Maverick Food Pantry through Omaha Gives! One $10 donation can fulfill three food-package requests for those in need in the UNO community.

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