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‘Public Health, It’s Everything’

Katie Weitz believes the College of Public Health can make the world a better place. But it’s hard to explain what it is: “I think everybody would care about public health if they knew what it was.”

A Global View to Giving Back

Sharon Redding has traveled to more countries than she can count in her nursing career. Her experiences led her to create a planned gift allowing future nurses to travel internationally.

UNMC Students Working At The Wall

Simulating to Keep Patients Safe

Simulators provide a controlled environment for learning to fly an aircraft or drive a car. In health care, visualization and simulation technology is teaching students to treat patients safely.

Sunil Hingorani, M.D., Ph.D. poses for a professional headshot.

Drawing a Line in the Sand

A noble effort is underway to turn the tide against pancreatic cancer. The initiative is led by recently recruited Sunil Hingorani, M.D., Ph.D., who aims to find a cure for this lethal disease.

Old style headshot of Theta Cole Bullington.

Like Mother, Like Son

Leland Essary is proud of the accomplishments of his mother, Theta Cole Bullington, a respected leader in public health nursing. In tribute, Leland established a scholarship in her name.

Joe and Millie Williams sitting together.

$20 million gift creates scholarships for UNMC pharmacy students

Because of an extraordinary investment by Joe and Millie Williams, UNMC College of Pharmacy students will receive scholarships ranging from $2,500 to $10,000 beginning next fall. “We want to give at least some dollars to just about every student that applies,” says College of Pharmacy Dean Keith Olsen, Pharm.D.

UNMC Physical Therapy Student says Studying at UNK was a ‘No Brainer’

Two continents. Three countries. Five states. Luis Reyes Mendieta’s road to the physical therapy program at the University of Nebraska College of Medicine in Kearney, Nebraska, has been anything but a direct path. So, what would lead a young man born in Honduras and who lived in Kenya for 10 years to Kearney?

Turning the Tide on Diabetes

Diabetes On Track seeks to improve diabetes care and prevention by piloting a new approach in two rural Nebraska communities. Launched this fall, the idea is for communities to tailor their own solutions through collaboration among health departments, health clinics, hospitals and community groups.