Older sister’s hand-me-down right fit for UNL scholarship student

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Grateful recipient says thank you to Burnett Society donors.

As the youngest child in a family with three children, Elise Van Hove has always been the recipient of hand-me-downs.

Growing up in South Dakota, one of the hand-me-downs she is very grateful for is the passion for the University of Nebraska. The traditions of UNL were passed down to her from her older sister while she was in high school.

While out-of-state tuition can be costly for some schools, Elise found that through the George Beadle Scholarship, UNL became financially competitive with other universities. She is grateful for this scholarship because it gave her the chance to get the high quality education she wanted.

“My scholarships have allowed me to grow academically as well as a person, and have allowed me to take advantage of all the university has to offer,” she told University of Nebraska supporters April 11 at the annual Burnett Society luncheon, held this year on UNO’s campus at Mammel Hall.

“This investment is so incredibly valuable in the lives of students that choose the University of Nebraska, and none of this would be possible without your generosity.”

The donors who heard her speak were members of the University of Nebraska Foundation’s E.A. Burnett Society, which is open to people who’ve made plans to leave a gift to the University of Nebraska in their estate.

The university appreciates planned gifts, as they demonstrate an important commitment to education.

Elise never doubted her decision to attend UNL.

She hopes to take what she has learned at UNL, especially her marketing and communication skills, and give back to the community by working at a non-profit organization.

She values the opportunities given to her through scholarships, and thanks donors for their generosity and investment in students.

“Thank you so incredibly much.”

Student Support is one of the priorities of the Campaign for Nebraska, now in its final year. If you would like to help promising students like Elise achieve their dreams, please consider giving online.

For more information on the Burnett Society, please contact the foundation at 800-432-3216.

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