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UNK Faculty and Staff Giving 2018

We are all Lopers

On this campus we are all Lopers, and together we make our university great.

We hope you will support your colleagues, co-workers and students with a gift to UNK. Your gift, no matter the size, demonstrates that you believe in the work we all do and the value of public education in Kearney and beyond. Your participation matters.

Please support whatever area you are most passionate about at UNK. Here’s a list of funds to get you started, or you may search below for your preferred area.

Chancellor’s Office

UNK Fund – Area of Greatest Need (5466)

UNK Fund – Student Scholarships (5482)

UNK Fund – Faculty Development (5486)


College of Business and Technology

College of Business and Technology (6412)

Accounting (6002)

Economics (6029)

Family Studies and Interior Design (6058)

Industrial Technology Dept. (Ludden Fund) (6253)

Management (6390)

Marketing and Management Info. Systems (8320)

MBA Program (10062)

Computer Services (6023)


College of Education

College of Education (6413)

Counseling and School Psychology (6031)

Educational Administration (6030)

Kinesiology and Sports Sciences (6097)

Teacher Education (6103)

Special Education Program (6114)

Speech and Hearing Program (6115)

Translation & Interpretation Scholarship (7829)

Human Performance Lab (6059)


College of Arts and Sciences (14629)

Friends of Art (6046)

Friends of English (6096)

Friends of Theatre (6047)

Friends of Music (6206)

FOM Concert on the Platte (8705)

FOM Recital Hall Renovation (8711)

Music and Performing Arts (8070)

Musical Theatre Enrichment Fund (7913)

Music Pedagogy Resource Center (7834)

Journalism and Mass Communications (6063)

Modern Languages (6039)

Students of Philosophy (6393)

Health Sciences (12095)

Biology 6014)

Chemistry (6021)

Chemistry Scholarship (6020)

Computer Science/Info. Systems (6025)

Criminal Justice (6027)

Geography Student Fund (6212)

History (6055)

Math (6079)

Physics and Physical Science (6098)

Political Science (6102)

Psychology (6105)

Psychology Faculty Scholarships (8167)

Social Work (6110)

Sociology (6112)




UNK Athletic Scholarships (6449.1)

General Athletics Fund (12386)

Men’s Basketball (12388)

Women’s Basketball (12395)

Football (12390)

Women’s Golf (12397)

Softball (12399)

  Soccer (12398)

Women’s Swimming and Diving (12400)

Women’s Tennis (12401)

Men’s Track and Field (12393)

Women’s Track and Field (12402)

Volleyball (12403)

Wrestling (12394)



Academic Affairs (6001)

Graduate Studies (6430)

Library (6077)

Student Affairs (6121)

Community for Active Citizenship (8413)

Office/Service Dependents Scholarship (6370)

UNK Staff Senate Fund (8600)

UNK Staff Recognition Fund (6719)

UNMC College of Nursing – Kearney Division (7463)

   UNK Campus Kitchens Fund (10044)

   UNK International Education (6424)


Looking for something else? Search our full list of fund options:

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Times have changed. Technology now allows our voices to carry farther and our message to reach people we could never reach before.

If you believe, as we do, that the University of Nebraska Foundation's message is worth spreading and that our causes are worth supporting, please help us spread the word.