UNK’s ADPR Club Opens Doors for Students to Thrive

“When we move into careers in the real world, the networking and connections we’ve made are really going to take us to the next level.”

A sense of community on college campuses fosters belonging, support and personal growth. It provides a network of peers, faculty and resources, which can enhance academic success, mental well-being and social connections.

For University of Nebraska at Kearney senior, Marissa Kuehn, the Advertising and Public Relations Club has provided her with the sense of community she’s been longing for during her college years. Holding the position as president of the ADPR Club, Kuehn finds a passion for giving her peers the same sense of community that she feels within the club as well as the chance to network with those who have pursued a career in the advertising and public relations field.

“When we move into careers in the real world, the networking and connections we’ve made are really going to take us to the next level,” said Kuehn.

Kuehn currently works for the Women’s Buying Team at Buckle. Although her work for Buckle doesn’t directly involve advertising and public relations, Kuehn can apply the things she’s learned throughout ADPR Club to help her succeed in her role as a member of the Women’s Buying Team. “If it weren’t for the club and the connections I’ve made, I wouldn’t be able to confidentially say I’m going to stay here in Kearney and apply my knowledge to my current job,” said Kuehn. “Being able to apply the things I’ve learned throughout ADPR Club to my current job is a pretty unique experience.”

One of Kuehn’s favorite events that the ADPR Club puts together is the Meet the Pros event. This is a great opportunity for students to meet with professionals in advertising and public relations, and get feedback on ways they can stand out in the industry and how to improve their portfolios. Kuehn and her peers had the opportunity to hear from professionals that work for big advertising agencies in Lincoln, Kansas City and, even, New York.

“It’s really cool to hear from someone who is living the type of life you see in movies,” said Kuehn, referring to a guest speaker who works for an ad agency in New York. “Knowing that those people started at the same place we did shows us the potential of where we could end up.”

Not only has the ADPR Club provided students with networking opportunities and knowledge they can apply to future careers, but it’s also a comforting place for students to come and build relationships with one another. The ADPR Club has, “provided me with a safe place where I can let go of some of my anxieties,” said Kuehn. “It’s a place where I feel uplifted and encouraged.”

The relationships Kuehn has built with her peers and professors will stick with her throughout the rest of her life. These relationships play a vital role in shaping students’ experiences, fostering personal growth and preparing them for success beyond graduation. Being a part of the ADPR Club is a “very unique experience that I could rave about for a long time,” said Kuehn. “It’s truly awesome, and it’s what has brought me to this department and what continues to keep me here.”

Like many of the great student organizations on campus, ADPR Club requires funding to continue stimulating growth and providing resources for students. “Without funding, we wouldn’t be able to meet with people in our community and continue learning,” said Kuehn.

Your generosity makes a huge difference in many students’ lives and is something that will impact them now and throughout their future. Support students like Kuehn today and help improve their quality of life on campus, providing them with opportunities to discover a sense of community within UNK.

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