The Barta brothers – Clifford and James – were lifelong ranchers

The donation created the Barta Brothers Ranch.

They were also philanthropists.

So it made sense when the brothers donated 6,000 acres of rangeland in 1996 to the University of Nebraska Foundation.

The donation created the Barta Brothers Ranch.

“This most generous gift from Clifford and James Barta established the Barta Brothers Ranch which allows scientists, extension educators and students to compare livestock grazing systems, study complex plant communities, and explore water interactions associated with grasslands,” said John Owens, former Harlan vice chancellor for the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Owens said the ability to have fundamental research projects and practical demonstrations on the same ranch is a valuable asset.

“All of this work is resulting in one of the most successful, real-world laboratory and educational projects in the Great Plains.”

The brothers also provided an estate gift. This gift established the Barta Brothers Fund, which supports agriculture research in Nebraska.

“The generous gift of this ranch and the endowment enables University of Nebraska researchers to better understand and characterize the eastern Sandhills ecosystem,” said Dan Duncan, executive director of Nebraska Innovation Campus. “The result of our long-term research here will help ranchers better understand the implications of different grazing systems upon plant composition and carrying capacities.”

Seated on the ranch is the Barta Brothers Ranch Research Facility.

The Barta Brothers Ranch Research Facility is a two-story, 4,800-square-foot building. It is used to facilitate and coordinate research by providing meeting room for up to 30 people and dorm space for researchers working at the ranch.

The building has a full kitchen, a living room and will house a museum in tribute to the lives of the Barta Brothers.

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