Loper grad will long remember ‘Eyes and feet!’

UNK grad remebers the words of his football coach.

Here’s some praise for UNK from Daniel Martin, a December 2010 graduate and commencement speaker.

I came to UNK and I found a place where I belonged.

A place small enough to not get lost, but big enough to meet someone new each day. A place where I could learn from someone who cared about me and grow to become who I am today. A place where I made countless new friendships that will continue throughout my life.

I came to this place and I found a home.

As I go out into the world, I try to remember the words of Bob Crocker, defensive coordinator at UNK.

Coach Crocker shared – or, more accurately, yelled – these words at me when I arrived on campus as a freshman. (These are not Coach Crocker’s exact words. I felt that I should eliminate three or four essential words since women and children might read this.)

“Eyes and feet!”

Although he was talking about blitz schemes, run support, gap responsibility and zone coverages, I believe these words still apply to me today and in the future.

Eyes and feet!

I pray that I have the eyes to recognize when opportunities are available to me and that I have the feet to get me there.

I would like to thank my parents; my wife, Bayley; my 2-year-old son, Leo; and my friends.

I would like to thank the faculty and staff at UNK, the coaches, the administration and the University of Nebraska Board of Regents. It is because of their help and encouragement that I am ready to close this chapter and begin another one.

I would like to thank God.

I plan to become a high school math teacher and coach. UNK has prepared me well for the future. I don’t know what else that future will bring. But I do know this:

UNK will always feel like home.

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