Hoehner family’s contributions recognized by UNK College of Education

Members of the Hoehner family gathered at the University of Nebraska at Kearney on Feb. 28, 2020, to celebrate the dedication of the Hoehner Family Conference Room within the College of Education.
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Patricia Hoehner and her family have long enjoyed supporting the University of Nebraska at Kearney in many ways.

A UNK alumna, professor of educational administration and Kearney resident, Hoehner and her family’s contributions have benefited the athletics department and multiple facilities and programs on campus. Yet the family’s most recent contribution to the University of Nebraska Foundation, Hoehner says, represents their most significant gift to date and supports the College of Education.

The College of Education celebrated the dedication of the Hoehner Family Conference Room on Feb. 28, 2020. With the Hoehners’ gift, the college was able to redevelop the frequently used conference space, giving it new flooring, furnishings, lighting and a multimedia upgrade that includes an 82-inch television monitor and the latest video conferencing capabilities.

These enhancements enable UNK students, faculty and staff to connect with others across Nebraska and the world, including with prospective students and other students and faculty within the University of Nebraska system. It will also help foster intercampus connections.

Grace Mims, interim dean of the College of Education, said the improvements allow the campus to do the work that is so important for UNK, the college and the state.

“In a world where people are not always able to travel across the state or internationally to meet, we can now do that thanks to the Hoehner Family Conference Room,” Mims said.


The Hoehner family has a long-standing tradition of graduating from UNK. Nineteen family members received their undergraduate, graduate or both degrees at the university, with nearly 30 degrees conferred to them in all.

“The legacy of the Hoehner family at UNK for the number of family members who have received their education at UNK and the College of Education and who have gone on to be educators is so far-reaching,” Mims said. “We’re so grateful for their dedication to teaching children, for being involved in education throughout the state and for continuing to be advocates for the UNK College of Education.”

Patricia Hoehner believes her Loper pride, coupled with her vested interest in the university, is why she continues to give back. She hopes that with the Hoehner Family Conference Room that her children, grandchildren and even her great-grandchildren will see the value of supporting something they believe in.

“When life has been good, you need to give back,” Hoehner said. “And I think you need to walk the talk. UNK has been beneficial to my family, so my hope is that this contribution will benefit future generations. My forever mantra is, Go Lopers!”

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