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When the Ebola virus struck in Western Africa and reached American shores, the world looked to Nebraska. The University of Nebraska Medical Center’s College of Public Health has emerged as world leaders in protocols, research and education on Ebola and is now educating professionals across the globe on how to win the battle against Ebola and other public health threats.

The mission of the College of Public Health is to promote optimal health and well-being through robust education, research and service in collaboration with communities in Nebraska, across the country and around the world. The goal of the College of Public Health is to increase the odds that everyone everywhere can, and will, make healthy choices through prevention and health promotion. Armed with data, we apply science to practice and policy in order to strategically improve the health of communities.

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Public Health Security Relief Fund

The focus of this fund is to understand the impacts of the disaster at the AltEn alcohol processing facility on the environmental, animal, and human health in Mead, Nebraska.

College of Public Health Innovation Fund

A gift to this fund supports the activities of the College of Public Health. With donations to this fund, the college is able to implement its mission encompassing research, education and service to Nebraska and region.

College of Public Health Student Assistance Fund

A gift to this fund provides direct support to students and student-related activities within the College of Public Health.

College of Public Health Research Support Fund

Support for the research activities of the college. Donations to this fund support maintaining the research infrastructure much needed for researchers in the college.

Reducing Health Disparities Fund for Excellence

Gifts to this fund assist the Center for Reducing Health Disparities increase awareness of health disparities and discover solutions to achieve health equity.

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