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At the center of every great university is the library: the academic heart of the campus. University of Nebraska–Lincoln students and faculty, regardless of their college and field of study, benefit from the libraries. Whether a student visits one of the eight branches to seek research assistance or study in a variety of spaces, or accesses electronic materials from half a world away, the University Libraries are at the core of students’ and faculty member’s scholarly lives.

The libraries anchor creativity and knowledge development for all students by offering access to research materials and information in an environment supporting discovery, reflection, synthesis and application. Gifts supporting the libraries enable students, faculty and visiting researchers to achieve their academic goals. Thank you for considering a gift to the University Libraries.

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N Fund – Libraries

The N Fund – Libraries is the library’s “go to” resource to purchase new print and digital materials; to help with physical improvements; to support Ask Us, the Libraries’ research service; to purchase computers and technology and much more.

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When you make a gift to the University of Nebraska Foundation you can trust that it will be used in the way in which it was intended. That’s a promise we’ve kept with our donors since our organization was founded in 1936.