Curtis native honors college mentor Glenn Jurgens with memorial scholarship fund

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Curtis native honors college mentor Glenn Jurgens with memorial scholarship fund

A scholarship honoring the kindness and dedication of a former ag professor will benefit students in Curtis for years to come.

A new scholarship has been established by Carol and George Garlick of Richland, Washington, for students to attend the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture in Curtis.

The Glenn Jurgens Memorial Scholarship has been awarded to Rylee Ehmke of Avoca, Nathan Lashley of Curtis, and Katharine Schudel of North Loup. Each will receive a $1,000 scholarship.

The inaugural scholarship awards formalize the Garlick’s long-held commitment to assist Nebraska youth who attend the institution known nationally for its programs in agriculture and veterinary technology.

“Carol and I are pleased to present our first Glenn Jurgens scholarships to Rylee, Nathan and Katharine,” said George Garlick, Ph.D.

The gift from the Garlick family also provides support for Our Students, Our Future, the University of Nebraska’s current initiative seeking broad support for students.

Glenn Jurgens saw promise in students

A native of Curtis, George Garlick, attended high school at the campus institution which at that time was the University of Nebraska School of Agriculture, a regional boarding school.

While taking classes, he was counseled by an observant teacher, Glenn Jurgens.

Jurgens, a much-admired math teacher, student council advisor and community leader in Curtis for nearly five decades, initially taught at UNSA and Medicine Valley Public high schools. He then became a faculty member at the University of Nebraska School of Technical Agriculture (UNSTA) and then NCTA. He retired in 1986 and died in 2014 at the age of 92.

Glenn Jurgens saw promise in George Garlick, of a local farming family, and encouraged him to continue his studies by connecting him with a work-study scholarship at Hastings College.

Garlick later received his doctorate in electrical engineering and solid state physics at Iowa State University, moved to Washington and is president of Garlick Enterprises Inc. Still, he annually returns to his roots in Frontier County.

Throughout the decades, the Garlicks have returned to visit family and friends in Southwest Nebraska and have been integral supporters to NCTA and the community of Curtis, said Jon Schroeder, a Curtis attorney and longtime family friend.

“The partnership the Garlicks share with the people of Curtis, and the commitment they make to the college and education programs across the board, is unparalleled,” Schroeder said.

Seeing the Glenn Jurgens scholarship come to life

The Glenn Jurgens Memorial Scholarship Committee was formed in 2016 with Dr. Garlick, Schroeder and Pam Jurgens, the honoree’s daughter. The initial gift was planned for two scholarships. However, upon seeing the need and applicants this spring, the Garlicks increased the endowment to $53,000 and provided three scholarships this first year.

The students will receive $500 awards per semester for 2017-2018. Recipients must maintain a 3.0-grade point average and may be eligible for a second scholarship next year if they continue to attend NCTA.

“I appreciate the generosity of Dr. and Mrs. Garlick in establishing this scholarship honoring Glenn Jurgens,” said Ron Rosati, NCTA dean. “This award will assist NCTA students in their pursuit of a quality and affordable education here at NCTA, and further incentivize them to commit themselves to their academic success.

“May the ideals and attributes of Mr. Jurgens continue through the dedicated faculty and staff we have at NCTA. Our students are industrious, talented individuals who will serve Nebraska agriculture well into the future.”

Garlick’s travels, presentations and business throughout the U.S. have solidified his belief in the role that the two-year technical agriculture provides to Nebraska and national educational opportunities, he said.

“I believe it is difficult for the citizens of Frontier County to fully realize the national importance and impact they are making to the future of Nebraska and our nation as a whole,” Garlick noted. “The level of mutual support of the leadership of NCTA and the University of Nebraska, together with engaged local citizens, is at the highest level I have ever experienced in all my relations with other universities and communities elsewhere in our nation.”

To learn more about opportunities to support Nebraska with a gift today, please visit, call us at 800-432-3216 or write us at There are options to support any area of the university you wish to help, or you may decide you want to create your own named fund.

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