Campaign for Nebraska raises $1.2 billion with 30 months to go

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As of April 30, the campaign had raised $1,212,896,578 since it began in 2005.

The University of Nebraska Foundation has received more than $1.2 billion in gifts for its fundraising campaign, the Campaign for Nebraska: Unlimited Possibilities, with about 30 months to go before the campaign officially ends Dec. 31, 2014.

As of April 30, the campaign had raised $1,212,896,578 since it began in 2005. More than 80,000 people and organizations have donated to the campaign; about half are first-time donors to the university. The gifts given support all four campuses of the University of Nebraska.

“The enthusiasm and spirit that has been so powerful since the beginning of the Campaign for Nebraska has taken us farther than we imagined,” said Pete Whitted, M.D., chair of the foundation’s board of directors. “This is an exciting milestone in the campaign, with two and half years yet to go. It could not have been accomplished without donors embracing the vision, and without the 380 campaign volunteers who serve on the college committees getting us to this point. Now it’s time to focus on a strong finish and getting all the objectives funded.”

Gifts given to the campaign so far have funded $416 million in capital construction and renovation; $189 million in direct student support; $383 million for academic programs; $60 million for recruiting and retention of top faculty; and $40 million for research. Another $113 million has been designated by donors for multiple purposes, and $12 million was given by donors directly to the university.

Several academic areas were identified at the outset of the campaign as the highest priorities for funding. Those areas are:

Student Scholarships

Funds for Faculty Recruitment and Retention

Global Engagement

Agriculture and Life Sciences

Information Technology and Business

Cancer Research and Care

Architectural Engineering and Construction

Water for Food

Early Childhood Education

Some of those have reached or are near their initial campaign funding targets; others still require private funds. University President James B. Milliken said the campaign will continue to focus on the important priorities that have been identified.

“When we launched this campaign our focus was on advancing the University of Nebraska’s ability to serve the people of our state,” Milliken said. “Because of the campaign’s tremendous success, we are achieving that goal beyond our expectations. The priorities we articulated – areas of strength for us that are critical not only to Nebraska, but to the world – clearly have resonated, and donors have responded with generous gifts that will allow us to leverage the talents of our faculty, staff and students for the benefit of Nebraskans and people around the world.”

Milliken added, “I could not be more grateful to all those who have supported the Campaign for Nebraska, including our donors, volunteer leadership teams, and members of the university community who believe in what we want to accomplish. This campaign has helped make the University of Nebraska stronger today than ever.”

The University of Nebraska Foundation is an independent, nonprofit organization that has connected the dreams and passions of donors to the mission of the university for more than 75 years. In 2011, donors gave a record $172 million in gifts for scholarships, academic programs, medical research and other priorities at the university. The foundation’s current fundraising initiative, the Campaign for Nebraska: Unlimited Possibilities, concludes in 2014. For more information, visit

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