An endowed fund is a permanent and perpetual gift that will have a lasting impact at the university. With an endowed fund, the principal is invested, and a distribution is generated each year to fund the priority designated by the donor.

Minimum giving levels exist for the different types of endowed funds. This helps ensure that the revenue is proportional to the impact the fund is intended to have. For example, while a $50,000 endowed scholarship fund would produce an estimated annual scholarship of $2,125 and this would be a meaningful scholarship for a student, the same amount would not be meaningful when trying to recruit a top faculty member to the University of Nebraska.

For more information or to initiate the process of setting up an endowed fund, please contact the foundation at 800-432-3216. Thank you for considering a gift to support the University of Nebraska.

Minimum Endowment Levels

Effective July 1, 2022

Note: These levels are intended as minimum endowment levels, but they may be amended to a higher level for specific kinds of named funds in a specific college/unit. Generally, donors wishing to establish a named expendable fund must commit a minimum amount equal to one year’s distribution amount (as defined by UNF’s distribution policy) from the minimum endowment funding level noted above.