Global Engagement

University of Nebraska Global Engagement Fund

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, it is vital for students, faculty and staff to be globally engaged. While the University of Nebraska has been engaged with universities and governments around the world for decades, the present environment demands a higher, broader level of engagement than ever before.

The university recognizes the importance of maintaining and increasing the opportunities available for students and faculty while developing a global mindset needed to be successful in today’s world. In order to achieve this, the university must:

  • prepare its students for a global, cultural and competitive economic environment;
  • attract the best talent to Nebraska;
  • provide opportunities for faculty to engage in international collaborations, teaching and research;
  • enhance Nebraska’s economy and its international collaborators’ success through research and innovation.

Gifts made to the University of Nebraska Global Engagement Fund will build on the success of the university’s global engagement efforts by creating education abroad scholarships, recruiting international students, enhancing international collaborations, projects and research, developing and sustaining online programs, and supporting the university’s efforts to produce social and economic impacts throughout the world.

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When you make a gift to the University of Nebraska Foundation you can trust that it will be used in the way in which it was intended. That’s a promise we’ve kept with our donors since our organization was founded in 1936.