Join in today on the annual Glow Big Red ― 24 Hours of Husker Giving

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The University of Nebraska‒Lincoln invites its worldwide community to Glow All In for the 2021 Glow Big Red ― 24 Hours of Husker Giving. The annual event is Feb. 17–18, 2021, with information, kickoff video and giving options at

This year’s Glow Big Red will again harness the power of Nebraska’s students, alumni, friends, faculty and staff. It will show how this powerful network comes together to support UNL students, improve the educational experience and keep quality education accessible to all.

Here are the top three ways to get involved:

First, give. Make a gift of $5 or more during this 24-hour period and help the university reach its goal of 2,500 gifts.

Second, light it up. Light your room, apartment, home or business red to let your pride shine.

And third, share your story. Using social media, share your Nebraska story and why you’re celebrating. Share with #GlowBigRed.

Those who contribute $60 or more will receive a Nebraska scarf as a thank you. Scarfs will be mailed three to five weeks after the event.

Participants can make a gift toward Glow Big Red starting Jan. 19 through noon on Feb. 18 at

Last year was a Glowing success

This is the third year for Glow Big Red, which has become another honored Husker tradition. Last year’s Glow Big Red event encouraged alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends to come together and contribute more than $175,000 from 2,338 gifts. Gifts came from 49 U.S. states and three continents.

Glow All In on social media

Join Husker Nation from noon Feb. 17 to noon Feb. 18 for the annual Glow Big Red ― 24 Hours of Husker Giving at Help continue the excitement online by using #GlowBigRed. Follow along at these channels:




Glow Big Red FAQs

What is Glow Big Red ― 24 Hours of Husker Giving?
This special 24-hour event Feb. 17 and 18 marks the growing tradition of celebrating the University of Nebraska–Lincoln by encouraging those near and far, to:

First, give. Make a gift of $5 or more during this 24-hour period and help us reach our goal of 2,500 gifts.

Second, light it up. Light your room, apartment, home or business red to let your pride shine.

And third, share your story. Think of those who glowed so brightly to reveal the road ahead for you. Share your story of those who made a difference in your life using #GlowBigRed.

It’s Nebraska’s annual day of giving, fueled by Husker passion, social media and you. Take this opportunity to come together in support of our university with a gift to a university area that pulls at your heartstrings.

Is there a minimum gift amount?
Yes. The smallest gift amount is $5. We have credit card processing fees and administrative costs to cover, but we’ve kept it as low as we can so everyone can take part. Gifts of any amount make a difference and will be counted toward the 24 Hours of Husker Giving total.

Is my gift tax deductible?
Yes, all gifts to the University of Nebraska made through GiveGab and the University of Nebraska Foundation are tax deductible. Consult a tax professional and IRS laws for specific information about your tax situation.

Will my gift help students?
Your gift will most definitely help students — the how is up to you. You can choose to support student scholarships, the college you graduated from or one of the other areas we’ve highlighted as choices for 24 Hours of Husker Giving. It’s your call. All contributions will expand opportunities for students and create an even better Husker student experience.

Can I take part even though I didn’t graduate from UNL?
Yes, you may, and please do. Parents, community members, friends and fans are all encouraged to support Nebraska during 24 Hours of Husker Giving. The gifts from many will be combined to advance the Nebraska experience for every student on campus and the university’s impact across the state and world.

What if I’ve already made a gift to UNL this year?
Thank you for your gift! Another gift will help us reach the goal for 24 Hours of Giving, and we encourage you to take part in Glow Big Red in other ways, too. Share your story online using #GlowBigRed.

How do the challenges work during the giving day?
We think a little competition makes things more fun. You might have your gift matched or even earn bonus money for your area of interest. Keep an eye on the Leaderboards page at for a complete list of challenges, rules and winners.

Can I make a gift by mail?
Yes. We encourage you to support the University of Nebraska–Lincoln by mail at any time, but the gift must be received by Feb. 5 if it’s for the 24 Hours of Husker Giving. Please let us know what fund it’s for and how you want it to help the university.

What is GiveGab?
GiveGab is the online giving platform that we’re using to facilitate the giving day. It helps nonprofits raise gifts and engage contributors, allowing organizations to function in a more streamlined manner. The University of Nebraska Foundation has chosen GiveGab to facilitate Glow Big Red and its 24 Hours of Husker Giving.

Is it safe to make a gift online?
Yes. Online gifts made through GiveGab are safe and secure. GiveGab will not receive your credit card information, and your information will never be shared or sold to a third party.

Whom do I contact if I have a question?
We’re here to help! Please start with Kristen Rock at or 402-730-0152.

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