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For thousands of generations we have selectively bred crops with one goal: increasing production.  That increase in production has been enormously valuable in feeding people all over the world, and it is part of Nebraska’s proud tradition of being a global leader in agriculture. But what if that expertise can also be used to make food that fights disease? 

The Nebraska Food for Health Center (NFHC) was established in 2016 with a challenge from the Jeff Raikes Foundation with the primary mission “of improving human health by linking agriculture and food production to wellness and disease prevention through microbiome research.”

The Nebraska Food for Health Center’s impact is achieved through its diverse research platform – a combination of UNL’s high throughput phenotyping systems, UNL’s gnotobiotic animal facilities, UNO’s Callitrichid Research Center, the combination of UNMC and UNL’s Clinical & Health programs, as well as a robust Fellows Program.  The Center also collaborates with other universities, businesses, and government agencies around the world to address issues on a global scale.

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