G.W. Frank Museum Excellence Fund

University of Nebraska at Kearney

The Frank Museum is the absolute example of “Excellence.” It showcases several unique pieces of Kearney’s history, it boasts one of the largest decorative art collections on display in Central Nebraska, it has the only repository and exhibit for the now-closed Nebraska State Hospital for Tuberculosis (operated 1912-1973), it offers some of the best real-world-applicable internship experiences for public history students in the state, and the building itself is a feast for the eyes and mind.

Offers a fascinating, on-display walkthrough of each major time period associated with the building’s history.

The Frank Museum is uniquely situated on UNK’s campus, making UNK the perfect destination for future public history students looking for internships that offer real-world applicable experience.

Brings history to life through immersive recreated historic spaces, in-depth exhibits, internships, archives, and a dedication to preservation excellence.

The Frank Museum embraces and advocates inclusivity, diversity, sustainability, modernity, and responsible stewardship. It is dedicated to best museum practices for the benefit of all.

Giving Area: UNK Administration
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