G.W. Frank Museum Facilities Fund

University of Nebraska at Kearney

Gifts to this fund can be used toward repairs, general cosmetic and functional upkeep, plumbing, electrical, security systems, restoration, garden improvement, environmental improvements, and other general maintenance purposes at the Frank Museum.

Helps address and prepare for potential disasters (floods, collapses, pests, fires, etc.)

The Frank Museum benefits greatly from a maintenance-specific fund like this because it is a very old house and requires nearly-constant upkeep and maintenance. To maintain the historic integrity of the house, a viable and trusted source of funding for upkeep is critical to the museum’s sustainability and overall ability to fulfill its mission.

The Frank Museum aims to implement the most modern and appropriate sustainable energy solutions that also uphold the building’s historical integrity. Greener and sustainable initiatives help ensure the longevity and conservation of the Frank Museum, and those initiatives can be funded through this Fund.

Giving Area: UNK Administration
Lookup ID: 01060440

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