Charitable IRA

Charitable distribution from an IRA

Making a qualified charitable distribution from an IRA is a great way to make a tax-free gift that supports the University of Nebraska.

To make a qualified charitable distribution (QCD) from an IRA, donors must be 70½ years or older at the time of the gift. The gifts must be made directly from the IRA to the University of Nebraska Foundation, and the gift amount cannot exceed $100,000.

During most tax years, a qualified charitable distribution from an IRA is particularly beneficial for individuals who:

  • don’t want to take their required minimum distribution,
  • can’t use all of their charitable deductions in a tax year or
  • don’t itemize income tax deductions.

While qualified charitable distribution are still allowed, the CARES Act, signed into law on March 27, 2020, suspends the required minimum distribution for 2020.

The University of Nebraska Foundation is registered with the Internal Revenue Service Department of the Treasury (EIN: 47-0379839) and is exempt from federal income tax under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.

Donors wanting to take advantage of this tax-efficient giving opportunity should make a request to their IRA plan administrator asking that a distribution be made payable to the University of Nebraska Foundation. Click here for sample language to help make this request.

If you have already requested a distribution from your plan administrator, please notify us of your gift intentions by submitting the completed form below. Doing so will help us ensure that your gift is properly directed to meet your specific goals.

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