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UNK Priorities

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UNK - College of Arts and Sciences - 01150160

A gift to this fund provides scholarship support for students in the College of Arts and Sciences.

UNK - Area of Greatest Need - 01054660

A gift to this fund will provide immediate support to areas where students and faculty may need it most.

UNK - College of Education Student Scholarships - 01101680

A gift to this fund provides scholarship support for students in the College of Education.

UNK - College of Education - UNK College of Education Fund - 01064130

A gift to this unrestricted fund enables the college to take advantage of special opportunities as they arise or lend a hand where students and faculty need it most.

Brodersen Rich

Rich Brodersen UNK Athletics, Library, Honors Program & Frank...

Article - Leadership gift enables university to prepare even more needed teachers for Nebraska

Thanks to a generous gift from the William and Ruth Scott Family Foundation, the University of Nebraska – the state’s largest producer of teachers – will be in an even stronger...

Article - When Research Becomes Reality

Can a UNK business professor practice what he preaches after his wife is diagnosed with cancer?

UNK - UNK Big Blue Cupboard - 01149590

Your contribution provides immediate support to students, ensuring that their education does not take a back seat to hunger. Please support UNK’s Big Blue Cupboard today.

UNK - UNK Student Scholarship Fund - 01054820

A gift to this fund bolsters the general student scholarship aid available to students within any UNK college.

UNK - UNK HOPE Scholarship Fund - 01149060

The UNK HOPE (Helping Others Pursue Education) Scholarship Fund provides financial support to first-generation students who do not qualify for state or financial aid. This scholarship fund is the...

Howard Kristin

Kristin Howard Special Programs - UNK ...

UNK - Athletics - The Boroff Family Football Scholarship Fund - 01081800

Honoring UNK football coaching great Claire Boroff, this fund provides scholarships for Loper football players.

Article - If these walls could talk - UNK Frank House

Thanks to a head-to-toe restoration — along with a head-to-toe restoration of its story — this home, now called the G.W. Frank Museum of History and Culture at the University of...

Article - Nebraskan who was not able to go to college is making certain others do

Robert Sahling of Kearney wasn’t able to go to college in the 1940s but is doing what he can now to help generations of young Nebraskans have access to an education at UNK.

UNK - UNK Womens Volleyball Locker Room Fund - 01131090

Gifts to this fund support the new Loper women's volleyball locker room and the Tradition of Excellence Hallway.