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University of Nebraska Foundation Trustee … a privilege and a responsibility


The Role of a Trustee

Since its founding in 1936, the University of Nebraska Foundation has grown into one of the largest and most successful foundations representing an American public university. The total assets of the foundation exceed $2 billion, and the main endowment exceeds $1 billion. This level of success reflects the quality and generosity of the foundation’s volunteer leadership, its trustees and the many friends who support the university.

Trustees play an important role in promoting the University of Nebraska. Those elected as a trustee have a strong interest in higher education, integrity and reputation within their community, and a dedication to the University of Nebraska.

The bylaws of the University of Nebraska Foundation prescribe a membership of 100 to 1,200 members known as trustees. Elected to renewable terms of six years in length, trustees meet annually to elect other trustees and a board of directors from its membership. The work of the board of directors is not merely advisory in nature, but includes vital governance and policy decisions that determine the course of the foundation. The board of directors meets three times a year and appoints trustees to serve on the nine standing committees and subcommittees to assist in the oversight of the foundation. These committees include the following:

  • Advancement Committee
  • Audit Committee
    • Tax Review Subcommittee
  • Executive Committee
    • Compensation Subcommittee
  • Finance Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Investment Committee
    • Alternative Asset Subcommittee

Our Vision: To be recognized as the trusted partner of those wishing to support the University of Nebraska.

Our Mission: We advance the University of Nebraska by building relationships, connecting the philanthropic visions of donors with the goals of the university and providing responsible stewardship of gifts from those passionate about the university and its mission.


Trustee Expectations and Opportunities

Through the dedicated efforts and generosity of its trustees, the foundation is committed to providing a measure of excellence beyond public funding to secure continued academic excellence at the University of Nebraska. Trustees live in all regions of the United States and even internationally, and they represent a wide array of professions. They offer invaluable leadership, professional skills, networking abilities and personal philanthropic support that contributes to the mission of the foundation. 

To be recommended as a trustee, individuals must have a minimum of $10,000 cumulative giving to the University of Nebraska.

The following is an overview of the various ways trustees are asked to fulfill their role in advancing the mission of the foundation, as well as additional engagement opportunities for consideration:

General Rights and Duties

  • Participate in trustee orientation
  • Attend the annual meeting or participate via proxy in election of trustees and directors

Advocacy and Involvement

  • Advocate for the important role of the University of Nebraska
  • Stay informed about and promote the mission of the foundation
  • Consider volunteer service on a foundation or university board, committee or task force
  • Consider, as appropriate, hosting or attending foundation and university activities

Philanthropic Leadership

  • Maintain the University of Nebraska among your top philanthropic priorities, generously supporting personal areas of interest during comprehensive and annual fundraising campaigns
  • Make an annual gift to the Trustees Fund for the Future
  • Consider identifying or connecting foundation and university representatives to others who may have an interest in advancing the University of Nebraska though private support
  • Consider including the university in your will