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Trustee Recommendation

The University of Nebraska Foundation would like your recommendations for qualified individuals to be considered as potential new trustees. Trustee expectations and opportunities include promoting the mission of the foundation, advocating for the important role of the University of Nebraska and supporting the university as a top philanthropic priority. To learn more about the role of a trustee, please read the Trustee Expectations and Opportunities summary.

To recommend a potential trustee, please use the form below. 

For questions contact Clark Rosenlof in the office of trustee and volunteer relations at 402-502-4104 or clark.rosenlof@nufoundation.org


Trustee Recommendation Form Trustee Recommendation Form

Trustee Recommendation Form

Potential Trustee Information

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Your reasons for choosing this person to be recommended:

Considering the expectations and opportunities for trustees, what are your thoughts on this person's ability and willingness to fulfill this role?

To the best of your knowledge, please indicate the racial/ethnicity category of the potential trustee if known (White/Non-Hispanic; American Indian/Alaska Native; Asian/Pacific Islander; Black Non-Hispanic; Hispanic; Two or more Races).