Liz’s Legacy

The Fund to Advance Cancer Research

Every once in a great while, there comes a person with such a generous soul and amazing spirit that they seem to touch the life of everyone they meet. Liz Karnes was just such a person. And she happened to have ovarian cancer.

Liz died in April 2003, but through her difficult and often painful 12-year fight, she never stopped helping others.Liz was an inspiration to all. And through this program, her example will continue to give hope to those dealing with cancer.

Liz’s Legacy is a charitable program that supports cancer research, education and patient care at the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center. The University of Nebraska Foundation manages the program and ensures that donations made by individuals, corporations and other foundations are properly distributed.


The mission of Liz’s Legacy is to continue Liz Karnes’ fight against cancer by supporting cutting-edge medical research and extraordinary care at one of the country’s premier cancer centers.

Liz’s Legacy will create an urgent awareness about the importance of understanding cancer — an awareness Liz adamantly promoted.

Liz’s Legacy performs this role through advocacy, education, and fund raising. It is dedicated to the physicians, nurses and scientists who are diligently working toward new, more effective cancer treatments and ultimately, a cure.

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