College of Engineering Building

Nebraska Engineering Facilities – Phase 2

The College of Engineering has proposed new construction and major renovations across its facilities to create space designed to foster excellence in every aspect of its mission. The project has three phases and we are currently fundraising for Phase 2.

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"The new engineering facilities are going to put the University of Nebraska in elite company. I could not be more excited about the bold vision for the future of Nebraska Engineering that Dean Lance Pérez has put forward. We're so grateful to the generous donors who have made this investment in our students and Nebraska's future workforce."

Ted Carter
University of Nebraska

The Current College of Engineering Facilities

  • Nebraska Hall, acquired in 1958: nearly all space used by the college is outdated and inadequate (labs, classrooms, faculty spaces)

  • Scott Engineering Center, built in 1972: classroom spaces inadequate for modern education and student body growth

  • The Link, built in 1986: classrooms inadequate for modern education and student body growth

  • Outdated and inefficient lab spaces

  • Limited faculty office space

  • Outdated technology

  • Limited gathering and collaborative workspaces for students

  • Recently ranked among the poorest facilities across the university system by an independent assessor

Phase 1

The college is leveraging a critical $75 million investment from the Nebraska Legislature and private donations to demolish and build a new research area and renovate the Scott Engineering Center. A complete overhaul of these facilities will ensure the best faculty can conduct cutting-edge research that leads to technology transfer, enabling Nebraska companies to innovate quickly and create new jobs. This project is underway and slated for completion in 2022.

Phase 2

A new building on the northeast corner of 17th and Vine Streets will allow the college to reimagine the way it educates future engineers. Designed primarily to support undergraduate education, this building will drive enrollment growth. It will be a hub for the engineering and construction communities, industry partners and the public. The facility will feature collaborative workspaces, technology integration, dedicated student space and smart, flexible classrooms. Serving as the east entrance to City Campus, the proposed 200,000-gross-square-foot facility will transform the college by supporting the delivery of a modern, multidisciplinary curriculum. The estimated $85 million project will be funded through private donations. Fundraising success will drive the timeline for this project with a goal to begin construction in 2021.

Phase 3

The university plans to expand and repurpose space on Omaha’s Scott Campus. This project will allow for more and better cross-campus collaborations, specifically with faculty at UNO and UNMC. A space study is underway to determine the scope and timeline for this project.

See the latest updates on the building project

"I believe the new opportunities this building will provide will take Nebraska Engineering to a whole new level."

Delaney Bachman
chemical engineering major
May 2020 graduate

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