UNK Loper Advantage Fund

UNK Loper Advantage Fund

You don’t need to come from great means to have great drive; To push hard and rise above. But you do need financial means to make it happen through higher education. 

As the cost of higher education increases, more and more students are choosing to start their college careers at community colleges. In fact, over the past few years, two-year schools have experienced a drastic jump in enrollment. Unfortunately, when students graduate and are ready to transfer to a four-year university, they are often met with very few, if any, scholarships to help make their dreams a reality. 

That’s why the Loper Advantage Fund is so critical. These students are go-getters, achievers and future changemakers – they are exactly the types of young adults we want right here at UNK. We want them to become highly trained professionals who choose to live and work in Nebraska. The Loper Advantage Fund will help them become their better selves. They will be able to attend UNK without the worry of accumulating debt or the stress of working longer hours to pay for their education. After all, the more Loper Advantage Scholars focus on their future, the more they can become outstanding members of our community. 

Matching Initiative

The Loper Advantage Fund has a major advantage: the university will provide a match for up to $100,000 a year for two years for gifts of $1,000 or more. This match demonstrates our commitment to and support of exceptional transfer students. Qualifying students will receive $2,000 a year for two years. This money goes a long way to helping them accomplish what they set out to do.

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When you make a gift to the University of Nebraska Foundation you can trust that it will be used in the way in which it was intended. That’s a promise we’ve kept with our donors since our organization was founded in 1936.