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Overall Endowment Performance

Endowment funds represent the accumulation of donations and investment earnings where you, the donor, have requested that the fund principal be maintained in perpetuity, with investment earnings used to support annual expenditures.

At the end of the fiscal year 2014-2015, the foundation’s endowment totaled $1.6 billion. With investment returns of 0.3% for the year (17.6% prior year).


Total Endowment

6/30/15 $1.6 Billion
6/30/14 $1.6 Billion
6/30/13 $1.3 Billion
6/30/12 $1.2 Billion
6/30/11 $1.2 Billion


Investment Return on Main Endowment

6/30/15 0.37%
3 Year 10.0%
5 Year 9.8%
10 Year 6.2%



More information about the foundation’s financial activities can be found in the most recent annual report and independent auditor’s report at nufoundation.org/about/financial.