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UNK Men's Basketball Locker Room Fund

UNK Men's Basketball Locker Room Fund

The University of Nebraska at Kearney athletics program has established a long tradition of excellence. And that includes the men's basketball program. Unfortunately, their locker room doesn't reflect the team's success. UNK's men's basketball team plays and dresses in the Health and Sports Center which opened in 1991. The locker room has remained virtually unchanged since then. It houses sixty caged lockers that were designed for general physical education. Not for the Loper men's basketball program.
It's time for a change.

Men's Basketball Locker Room
The UNK athletics department would like to renovate the men's basketball locker room. The carpeted, renovated space would contain 20 wooden lockers, a team lounge and game preparation area. It would be a welcoming space where players could dress for games, but it would become a meeting space where team members could come together to bond and build team unity and spirit.

Tradition and Excellence Hallway
UNK's basketball success was built with tenacity, dedication and persistence. To celebrate this tradition UNK would like to create the Tradition and Excellence Hallway. Basketball players would pass through this hallway on their way to the court. To honor the Loper's who helped establish this legacy, the walkway walls would be lined with photos of former athletes and coaches who have contributed to UNK's sports success.

All gifts are welcome and much appreciated. Donors contributing $2,000 or more will have their names listed at the Legends level on a donor board in the Tradition and Excellence Hallway. Those donating $1,000-$1,999 will be listed as Gold donors on the donor board. Those giving $500-$999 will be recognized as Silver donors and those giving $100- $499 will be recognized as Bronze donors on the board. Gifts can be made all at once, or you can set up monthly payments.

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Rich Brodersen

Rich Brodersen

UNK Athletics, Library, Honors Program & Frank House
308-698-5274 direct
800-432-3216 toll free
Rich earned a Bachelor of Science degree with a journalism major from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. A McCook native, he joined the foundation in 2016 after more than 20 years of professional experience working on UNK’s campus as a member of the athletics department and announcer for Loper games. Rich’s fundraising efforts include: UNK Athletics, Library, Honors Program & Frank House.
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