For Koch family, this Super Bowl will be more than just love of the game

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Lacey Koch loves the Baltimore Ravens more than most fans.

Lacey Koch loves the Baltimore Ravens more than most fans. And she’ll be cheering louder than most when the Ravens play this Sunday in the Super Bowl.

That’s because her brother Sam Koch punts for the Ravens.

Lacey, who works in accounting here at the foundation as gift verification specialist, will be in New Orleans with her parents, two other brothers and the rest of her family to cheer for Sam, a former Husker star who grew up in Seward.

Sam, who’s 30, and his wife, Nikki, have three children, Ryan, Braxtyn and Kamdyn. They live near Baltimore.

As you can imagine, we had a few questions for Lacey.

Q. What was it like for you and your family when it became clear your big brother was going to the Super Bowl?

We were very happy, excited and in awe. We just couldn’t believe it. We have been in this position three times in Sam’s seven-year career. Last year it came down to a missed field goal by our kicker that lost us the game, so I was pretty relieved being up by 15 as it got closer and closer to the end of the game (when the Ravens upset the Patriots 28-13 to reach the Super Bowl).

Q. How’s he doing?

My parents and my oldest brother, Jeston, have talked to him. My parents said he is super excited that he gets this opportunity. And I know he is excited that his immediate family and the rest of us get to experience this with him. Sam is a very humble person. He does not get wrapped into the hype that some do; he takes it all in stride.

But then again, as soon as they won, plans for hotel rooms, flights, when to leave and come home were his main focus and making sure his family had everything in place.

Q. So what are your plans for the Super Bowl?

Well, we all will be at the game. This is going to be a great experience, mainly for Sam, because he has conquered his dreams by playing in the Super Bowl, and for us being able to watch him every step of the way is incredible. We are all so happy and proud of Sam for all of his accomplishments, and this is one of the major ones.

I do understand he is just a punter, but punting is what he has always wanted to do. He was a physical player, but there are so many different dynamics into punting the ball that it is kind of like a puzzle you have to figure out—which way is the wind blowing, how do I kick the ball off my foot, timing with the snapper and his steps, and I am sure I only touched on a few.

Q. Does your family have any game day superstitions or traditions you follow when Sam plays?

We usually figure out where we are going to watch the game, and we always have food. Game days are our family days when we all get together, watch the game, eat good food, have good conversations.

We only see Sam a few times a year, so watching him is very important to all of us. But then again, that is no different from when he played midget football, to high school, to playing at Nebraska. That is how we support him, by watching him, and for me that is pretty much the greatest part of my week.

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