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Together as One

Sometimes it’s good to take a step back…    

And remember the real reason we’re here.

At the University of Nebraska, we believe in higher education and the impact it has on lives and communities here and around the world. We know that we must support the students who attend UNL to enrich their lives and education and to sustain the continued success of the university. And although our daily work is not always directly related to students, we must remember that they are the heart of the university system and do what we can to help them achieve their maximum potential. Together as One is a faculty and staff giving campaign created to benefit students while providing meaningful philanthropic opportunities for the university’s dedicated employees.

You might feel grateful because you received a privately-funded scholarship when you were in school. Maybe there’s a project on campus or an area of research that speaks to you. Perhaps you simply enjoy giving back. Whatever your reason, please consider making a gift to the Together as One campaign. It’s an investment in our students and a testament to our collective belief in them, each other, our university and the state of Nebraska.

All gifts will remain confidential and all gifts, regardless of size, make a difference.

Let’s stand Together as One with UNL.

You make the choice.

Through Together as One, you can support any college, program or area you desire. We hope you will chose a cause that you are passionate about.

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* This fund is not eligible for priority points.