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UNMC Gives Back

When we call the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) a world leader in education and research, we’re not talking about classrooms and laboratories. When we say UNMC is Nebraska’s No. 1 resource for health sciences education and extraordinary care for patients, we’re not talking about books and beds. We’re talking about you.

As an employee of UNMC, you bring excellence to our campuses. Our sense of community and support for each other allows us to be at the cutting edge of innovation and breakthroughs for life. This year, we want to celebrate and support you, and our whole UNMC community, by giving back to UNMC’s greatest resource: our students, residents, faculty and staff.

This is our chance to support the students and colleagues we see every day. This is our chance to advance research and innovation in the health sciences. This is our chance to build a healthier Nebraska – and it starts with supporting each other right here.

Student Wellness

Our students and residents are the reason we are here, and their wellness is a vital and critical issue we strive to address. The pressures of health care education can be difficult to manage. However, if our students feel supported by our faculty and staff, we set them up for success today and in the future. Please consider supporting our student wellness initiatives through any of the UNMC Innovation Funds (which support student well-being projects, white coat and professionalism ceremonies, the UNMC Alumni Association, and many other initiatives) or consider providing financial assistance to a student in need through the UNMC Student Scholarship Fund. 

Employee Assistance

Wellness and support are just as important for you, the faculty and staff of UNMC. We can be prepared to support each other through thick and thin with gifts to the University of Nebraska Emergency Assistance Fund. This fund gives our university flexibility to help employees and students in need, whatever the situation. It’s our way of caring for each other as much as we care for our students and our patients. Consider a gift to this fund today.

University of Nebraska Medical Center

01054800 – UNMC Student Scholarship Fund

01074850 – UNMC Research Support Fund

01025750 – College of Allied Health Professions Innovation Fund

01012600 – Dental College Development Fund

01135670 – College of Medicine Innovation Fund

01106000 – Munroe-Meyer Institute (MMI) Unlocking Potential Fund

01022560 – College of Nursing Innovation Fund

01115490 – College of Pharmacy Excellence Fund

01104110 – College of Public Health Innovation Fund

01025590 – UNMC Graduate Studies Innovation Fund

01127450 – Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center Programs of Excellence Fund

01054680  UNMC Library Fund

01139630  Jarrod Dye Memorial Resident Well-being Fund

University of Nebraska

01148810  University of Nebraska Emergency Assistance Fund

The University of Nebraska Emergency Assistance Fund enables the university to help currently enrolled students and current university employees who face financial hardship resulting from emergency or crisis situations such as natural disasters, home displacement and food insecurity. These circumstances include the 2019 flooding that has significantly affected people and the state.


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Spread the Word

Times have changed. Technology now allows our voices to carry farther and our message to reach people we could never reach before.

If you believe, as we do, that the University of Nebraska Foundation's message is worth spreading and that our causes are worth supporting, please help us spread the word.