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University of Nebraska Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign Toolbox

What's new this year?

For several years, the University of Nebraska Foundation has facilitated a University of Nebraska faculty and staff giving campaign comprised of print, email and social media components. This year, the foundation will collect and process all gifts, but an all-digital campaign will be initiated on campus. This gives units:

  • More flexibility — campuses, colleges, departments or units will choose when their individual campaign begins and ends and how many times university employees are contacted during the campaign.
  • More choices — each individual area will decide how many and which funds they’d like to promote.
  • A more effective way to raise money —fundraising driven by unit-level leaders promoting unit-level causes will be more effective than a campaign directed by someone outside the organization.


The faculty and staff giving campaign is an opportunity for passionate supporters who are employed by the university to contribute financially. As the university's fundraising partner, we recommend against messaging that could be perceived as high-pressure. Financial contributions from university employees are greatly appreciated, but not in any way required.

While participation and monetary goals can be great motivators, campaigns utilizing those tactics could cause a negative reaction that is counterproductive. We recommend communicators and champions simply offer the opportunity to fellow faculty and staff without further pressure. Ultimately, donors should only make gifts because they wish to make gifts.

It must be made clear that all gifts are kept confidential and participation will not affect employment in any way. See Sample language section.

Campaign length and message frequency

Past faculty and staff campaigns have typically been three to four weeks in duration, beginning with a kickoff email about a week prior to the campaign start and continuing with one message weekly. This year each unit will determine their own length and timeline. You might choose to send daily messages for one week, send weekly messages for one month or take an entirely different approach.

We do not recommend campaigns lasting longer than one month due to potential donor exhaustion. A conservative approach is recommended, and you might consider modifying your plan if you sense pushback. Again, people should want to give, not be pressured to give.


We recommend email messaging, given its ease of use and low cost. Email allows timely messages and will reach most of the faculty and staff audience.

If you have a strong faculty and staff following on established social media channels, take advantage of that channel to reinforce messages and build broader awareness.

Ways to give

This year's faculty and staff giving campaign will be all-digital, so emails and social media posts should include the proper link for giving. Giving options include:

  • Payroll Deduction. In past years, we've highlighted payroll deduction as an easy way to make a monthly gift. Payroll deduction is not an option for donors wishing to make a one-time gift.
  • Credit or debit card. Donors may choose between a recurring gift or a one-time gift. Sample language and fund suggestions are below.
  • Planned gift. Donors may wish to leave the foundation a gift through their will or trust. Please include the below link for faculty or staff members who would like to speak to one of our knowledgeable gift planning officers.

Sample language

Required: Participation is voluntary and is in no way connected to employment status. The University of Nebraska does not discriminate based upon any protected status. Please see


Other suggested language:

Together as One is a staff giving campaign that supports our goals for excellence and provides a meaningful philanthropic opportunity for our dedicated employees.

Private giving has a transformative impact on our university.

All gifts to the Together as One campaign will remain confidential.

Together as One is an opportunity for you to contribute to an area that is meaningful for you. For example, students are at the heart of the university, and we know that unmet financial needs exist. A gift toward a scholarship fund can help make education more affordable for our young people. Research and academics are other priority areas for the university, and perhaps there is a program that you feel a special connection with. Or, there are any number of other areas of support from which you may choose.

Fund Suggestions

This list was compiled for your convenience, but any foundation fund could be promoted as part of this campaign. Contact the University of Nebraska Foundation (contact information below) us and we can easily provide you with the necessary URL to facilitate giving to your preferred fund.

In addition, donors themselves have the ability to search for specific funds on the foundation website and make gifts to any one of the 8,000 available funds.

This list will continue to be added to and modified over time. 

UNL & Affiliates:

N Fund - Chancellor's Areas of Greatest Needs

N Fund - Student Scholarships

N Fund - Faculty Development (

N Fund - College of Arts & Sciences

N Fund - College of Architecture

N Fund - Business Start Something

N Fund - College of Engineering

N Fund - College of Education and Human Sciences

N Fund - Hixon-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts

N Fund - College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources

N Fund - College of Journalism and Mass Communications

N Fund - College of Law

N Fund - Libraries

UNL Alumni Association Excellence Fund (



UNO Fund - Area of Greatest Needs

UNO Fund - Student Scholarships

UNO Fund - Alumni Association

UNO Fund - Faculty Development

UNO Fund - Arts and Sciences

UNO Fund - Business Administration

UNO Fund - Education

UNO Fund - Information Science and Technology

UNO Fund - Public Affiars and Community Service

UNO Fund - Continuing Studies

UNO Fund - Communication, Fine Arts and Media



UNMC Chancellor's Excellence Fund (

UNMC Graduate Studies Innovation Fund

College of Allied Health Professions Innovation Fund

College of Medicine Innovation Fund

Pharmacy Alumni Innovation Fund

Public Health Innovation Fund

College of Nursing Innnovation Fund



UNK Fund - Area of Greatest Need

UNK Fund - Student Scholarships

UNK Fund - College of Business and Technology

UNK Fund - College of Natural and Social Sciences

UNK Fund - College of Fine Arts & Humanities

UNK Fund - College of Education

UNK Fund - Faculty Development



NU President's Excellence Fund

NU Student Scholarship Fund



NU President's Excellence Fund

NU Student Scholarship Fund



Excellence Fund at the Buffett Early Childhood Institute

Robert B. Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute

Rural Futures Institute Excellence Fund


This list was compiled for your convience. However, any fund available at the foundation could be promoted as part of this campaign. Simply contact us and we can easily provide you with the necessary URL to faciliate giving to your preferred fund. 

In addition, donors themselves will always have the ability to search for specific funds and make gifts to any one of the 8,000 funds available at the foundation.



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Contact Information

Chris Cooper - Annual Campaigns - University of Nebraska Foundation

Dorothy Endacott - Marketing Communications - University of Nebraska Foundation

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Chris Cooper - Annual Campaigns
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Dorothy Endacott - Marketing Communications
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