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Sample Bequest Language for a Will, Trust, or Beneficiary Designation

The foundation's gift planning staff can work with you and your legal advisers to ensure your bequest accurately reflects your philanthropic goals. It is often useful to review your will every five to six years to be sure it is up to date to meet your current needs and circumstances. Making changes to your will can be easily done with a codicil to your will. 

You may design your bequest to benefit a specific campus, college or program area, or you may designate your gift as unrestricted to benefit the area of greatest need at the university.

In order to ensure your bequest reaches its intended target, you should direct your gift to the University of Nebraska Foundation, a Nebraska nonprofit corporation.


Suggested language

I give _____ percent (%) of the residue of my estate [or ____________ and no/100 Dollars ($ _____)] to the UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA FOUNDATION, a Nebraska nonprofit corporation.

Choose from the following:

1. This gift shall be used for the benefit of the University of Nebraska at the direction of the board of directors of the University of Nebraska Foundation.

2. This gift shall be used for the benefit of ___________________. (e.g. a specific NU campus, college or program area.)

3. This gift shall be used for the purpose of __________________. (e.g. student scholarships, research, faculty development.)

Please keep in mind the language described above has been prepared by the University of Nebraska Foundation only as an example and should not be used as written without consultation with your own legal advisers.