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Global Blindness Prevention and International Fund

Global Blindness Prevention and International Fund

Background/Philanthropic Overview: Missy Franklin and Dr. Michael Feilmeier were fellow recipients of the 2015 TOYA (Ten Outstanding Young Americans). Dr. Feilmeier, and his wife, Jessica, run the Global Blindness Prevention Division, an unfunded arm, of Nebraska Medicine’s Truhlsen Eye Institute. The division is dedicated to seeing that no one lives needlessly in darkness. It pledges to perform (1) FREE Sight‐Restoring Surgery for every $20 dollars donated to it. To accomplish this, Dr. Feilmeier and all team members volunteer their time and pay out‐of‐pocket for their own travel, housing and food to ensure that 100% of every dollar donated to the division goes to funding a surgery. In the past 4 years the team has given the Gift of Sight back to 1,950+ patients living in the poorest and most remote locations in Nepal, Ethiopia, Haiti and Ghana during week‐long outreaches. (See Our Work

Concept: Nebraska Medicine and Dr. Feilmeier would like to partner with Missy to launch “Missy Swims For Sight/Swim For Sight” in conjunction to the Olympic trials in Omaha in 2016. Nebraska Medicine will make a $50,000 donation in Missy’s name to Dr. Feilmeier’s division and subsequently pledge to donate $20 (The consumable cost of a FREE Sight‐ Restoring Surgery) for every lap Missy swims during the Olympic Trials and Olympic Games. Regardless of the outcome of each heat Missy would be ensuring that a patient receives the Gift of Sight.

Missy’s Involvement/Exact Services Requested: We request permission to use Missy’s name, head/headshot and likeness to promote Swim For Sight. We would also appreciate any social media support that Missy would be willing to lend to the cause, but ultimately only ask that Missy do what she already has planned to do: a[end the Olympic trials here in Omaha and swim for the chance to qualify for the Olympics. We are not requesting any time or appearance commitments from Missy; just the opportunity to promote Missy Swims For Sight/Swim For Sight and subsequently raise additional donations to provide as many sight‐restoring surgeries as possible for the nearly 36 millions individuals living needlessly blind throughout the world.

What it Equates To: The $50,000 donation to the division in Missy’s name would be the first funding/donation the Global Blindness Prevention Division has ever received from Nebraska Medicine and would result in 2,500 sight‐restoring surgeries, which is equivalent to the screenings of over 8 entire villages in sub‐Sahara Africa that presently only have access to 1 ophthalmologist for every million residents.

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