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Chemistry Faculty Remembrance Fund

Chemistry Faculty Remembrance Fund

Every year UNL chemistry professors retire and in some cases, pass away. The UNL Chemistry Faculty Remembrance Fund was created to establish an endowed fund for those wanting to honor these professors who impacted their lives. Each year, an award will be made in honor of a former faculty member to a deserving undergraduate or graduate student with the spendable income generated by this fund. Please consider making a donation today.

Chemistry Faculty with 10+ years of service

Wilkins, Charles L. - 11 years Wheeler, Desmond M.S. - 32 years
Brooks, David W. - 11 years Day, Victor W. - 33 years
Price, Carolyn M. - 12 years Johnston, Robert B. - 34 years
Michejda, Christopher J. - 13 years Demuth, John R. - 34 years
Meisels, Gerhard G. - 13 years Rack, Edward P. - 34 years
Schuster, Sheldon H. - 13 years Pagel, H. Armin - 38 years
Marianelli, Robert S. - 14 years Militzer, Walter E. - 38 years
Wang, C. H. James - 14 years Gallup, Gordon A. - 38 years
Broman, Robert F. - 15 years Harris, Robert H. - 39 years
Song, Pill-Soon - 16 years Sturgeon, George D. - 39 years
Stezowski, John J. - 16 years Baumgarten, Henry H. - 40 years
Doryland, Pauline N. - 20 years Looker, James H. - 40 years
Vidaver, George A. - 21 years Kingsbury, Charles A. - 40 years
Larson, Robert G. - 24 years Washburn, E. Roger - 41 years
Gross, Michael L. - 26 years Carr, James D. - 41 years
Rieke, Reuben D. - 27 years Holtzclaw, Henry F. Jr. - 42 years
Gupta, Naba K. - 29 years George, T. Adrian - 42 years
Vanderzee, Cecil E. - 30 years Cromwell, Norman H. - 45 years
Scholz, John J. - 31 years  


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Joye Fehringer

Joye Fehringer

College of Arts & Sciences
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Joye has been with the foundation since 2007. She has a Bachelor of Science in business administration from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is passionate about her job because she enjoys bringing friends and alumni together to help advance the College of Arts and Sciences.
Joanna Nordhues

Joanna Nordhues

College of Arts & Sciences
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Joanna has been with the foundation since 2005. She has a bachelor's degree of journalism in advertising from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. She is routinely surrounded by extremely intelligent, kind and generous people who have achieved great success in their lives. She finds these interactions to be a wonderful way to spend her days.
Courtney Spilker

Courtney Spilker

College of Arts and Sciences
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Courtney graduated from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources with degrees in agronomy and agricultural education. After working in agricultural sales, she joined the University of Nebraska Foundation team in 2019 where her fundraising efforts are focused on UNL’s College of Arts and Sciences.
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