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UNL - Cognitive Performance Research Seed Fund - 01136930

Cognitive Performance Research Seed Fund

Cognitive Performance Research Seed Fund

Concussion, a form of mild traumatic brain injury, is not an uncommon occurrence among collegiate student-athletes participating in contact and collision sports. However, there remains much to learn about how to best detect these injuries, how to measure their severity, and how to formulate a treatment plan that best informs safe return to the classroom and to play. The Center for Brain, Biology and Behavior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is uniquely positioned through its collaboration with Nebraska Athletics, its state-of-the-art facilities in Memorial Stadium, and its nationally recognized scientific expertise to make significant contributions to improving our understanding of concussion and its treatment.

We invite you to join this outstanding partnership through your financial contributions.

Conducting cutting-edge research with the highest likelihood of making significant contributions to how we understand concussion comes with the need for financial investment. Costs include the operation of necessary equipment, such as a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner, and compensation for the time of highly trained scientists and their teams, who put in tireless effort to carefully assess data collected to draw important conclusions from the work.

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James Keim

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