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The Love Of Daughters

50 Things We Love About Our Mom

Posted: jue, ene 1, 2009

Liz's four daughters, Korey, Kalen, Kara and Laurel created a top 50 list of the things they loved best about their mom as a gift for her 50th birthday on Sept. 13, 1999. Together the four girls made the list and framed it for her. Today it, hangs in the kitchen of the Karnes home.


50. her airport parking spot
49. her big heart
48. she puts up with all our crazy moods
47. she always screams "I love you sweetie" at soccer games
46. she always tells us that we are skinny
45. she always helps with our homework
44. she is the best aqua jogger in the world
43. she is a wonderful friend
42. her amazing leadership qualities
41. the way she drives right over every curb
40. she taught us to be nice to everyone
39. when she calls us the wrong names
38. the way she dances in the car
37. she was a dork in high school (homecoming queen???)
36. the way she organized swim lessons
35. she loves to help others
34. she has read every single book we had to write papers about
33. everyone thinks she is their best friend
32. she is willing to help anyone with their problems
31. she is a great listener
30. she is the leading expert on "five cent Sundays"
29. her intelligence
28. she is a great matchmaker
27. she throws great pool parties
26. she looks better than anyone in capri pants
24. every song is "Liz and Dave's song"
23. she is married to a "hunk"
22. her trustworthiness
21. her french crisp
20. she likes to sleep in…just like her girls
19. how lucky she is to have such "sweet girls"
18. in a moment of "craziness" she got her ears double pierced
17. she is a Doctor
16. the way she thanks you for doing something…before you do it
15. the way she loves little girls…especially her nieces
14. how she calls each of us sweet
13. even when she doesn't feel good she will listen to our problems
12. she never complains
11. she is close with her family
10. she always tells the truth
9. she supports us in anything we do
8. she just wants us to do our best
7. she sends her Christmas cards two months in advance
6. she has yet to learn the proper way to use a blinker
5. she used to have cottage cheese thighs (yeah right…)
4. she goes to every single sporting event
3. her domestic abilities
2. her courage
1. how we always know how much she loves us

Love forever,
Korey, Kalen, Kara and Laurel


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