Article - Women Investing in Nebraska awards annual grants

Women Investing in Nebraska awards annual grants

Women Investing in Nebraska awards annual grants

Grants help provide health care for those in need and hearing aids for children

Posted: lun, sep 29, 2014

With its goal to address critical community needs and to make a local impact with philanthropy, Women Investing in Nebraska (WIN) has awarded two grants to Nebraska nonprofit groups totaling $151,900. One grant will help provide health care services for those in need, and a second grant will help provide hearing aids for children.

Third City Community Clinic of Grand Island was awarded $75,950 from WIN to support its work in providing health care and dental care for low income individuals who have no insurance, government assistance or funds to seek care on their own.

"We provide responses to urgent and critical health needs and give hope to children, women and men who have no funds or insurance, so this grant means a great deal to us," said Susan Aguilar, executive director of Third City Community Clinic. "The clinic provides medical and dental care and medication to family who otherwise would have no access to health care."

For 20 years, the clinic has provided volunteer doctors who treat adults and children for chronic ongoing care such as diabetes, hypertension and asthma. It provides school physicals for low income families as well as acute care for pneumonia, flu, bronchitis and conjunctivitis. It also provides dental care to children and adults with painful conditions, including abscess and removal of teeth that cannot be saved.

The clinic serves patients who include the homeless, unemployed, retirees, those on disability, single parents, veterans, elderly and many others who cannot afford health care or insurance. Last year, it helped more than 3,500 patients during their nearly 6,000 visits to the clinic.

Aguilar said the grant will be specifically used to care for more patients, update equipment, assist with pharmaceutical costs and maintain its current professional staff.

HearU Nebraska, a statewide program with the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, was awarded $75,950 from WIN to help provide hearing aids for babies and children with hearing loss and help with cochlear implants for children whose parents' insurance doesn't cover the equipment.

"This grant award will change the lives of numerous children and their families across Nebraska," said Stacie Ray, director of HearU Nebraska and associate professor of practice in audiology at UNL. "It will allow us to continue to provide the gift of hearing to children and will lessen the financial burden on numerous families."

With the grant, HearU Nebraska expects to provide 30 or more children with hearing aids.

According to HearU Nebraska, 50 to 55 babies in Nebraska are born annually with permanent hearing loss, and numerous other children acquire hearing loss due to disease or genetic factors. HearU Nebraska was started to ensure children remain connected with the world around them, regardless of their family's financial means. It also works with audiologists, educators and parents to ensure families are connected with other state and local resources to help support each child's needs.

"Investing private support in these two admirable Nebraska organizations means more people in need will receive health care services in central Nebraska and more children will experience the gift of hearing," said Lisa Smith, chair of the Women Investing in Nebraska executive committee. "We offer our congratulations to these grant recipients and are excited to witness the results of their incredible work."

Women Investing in Nebraska provides philanthropic support to Nebraska nonprofit groups that address critical community needs or wish to make a significant local or state impact. Established in 2011 by the University of Nebraska Foundation, it strives to connect women of influence and involve them in local philanthropy. Members include women of all ages and backgrounds from across the state and beyond who are passionate about Nebraska philanthropy. Members of WIN pledge to make a gift each year for three years. Its members then vote to grant 50 percent of their combined annual contributions to a Nebraska nonprofit organization and 50 percent to a University of Nebraska organization or group.

WIN is seeking new members and is currently offering a special membership program for women age 40 and younger. To learn more about membership and upcoming events, see or contact co-directors Sarah Carlson and Lori Thomas at 402-458-1100 or 800-432-3216.


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