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Article - Jerry Varner Burnett Society member spotlight

Jerry Varner became a member of the Burnett Society in 2015 when he decided to include the University of Nebraska Medical Center in his estate plans.

Article - Ken Jones Scholarship supports students who will build our future

Video spotlight: Taylor Morgan shares what it means to be a Jones Scholar

Article - Student touched by such a generous human

Dr. Carole Levin, a beloved history professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, established a history scholarship fund to help students succeed.

Article - Burnett Society member spotlight on Jim Cudaback

Jim was a state senator from 1990 to 2007 in the Nebraska legislature. Learn more about Jim and why he supports the University of Nebraska.

Article - Cancer survivor benefits UNMC and others who have helped him

Cancer survivor’s generosity benefits UNMC and others who’ve helped him

Article - Looking back on the ride of his life

What really matters in life? Helping others, says doctor in his final days.

Article - Doctor reflects on the moon and a river and on the miracle of his life

He says his mother’s words inspired an unlikely path that led him to UNO and UNMC and then to an amazing career.

Article - Three hundred reasons for giving back

UNK donor says a gift from two professors back in the day “was really a miracle” to him.

Article - UNO means the world to a man whos seen the world

Air Force veteran who’s seen the world now giving back to a place that’s meant the world to him.

Article - Brian and Carey Hamilton give provide lead gift for UNK locker room project

“In order for UNK to be successful with a new dynamic football coach, you also need great facilities,” Brian Hamilton said.

Article - Scholarships make a world of difference says student who now speaks Spanish

“When I started my undergraduate degree in 2007, I had three siblings also at UNL,” Teresa Lostroh told a crowd of about 100 University of Nebraska donors the other day in Lincoln at the annual Burnett Society Lunch. “It wasn’t the best time for farming, which is what my dad does, yet my parents were committed to putting their children – all six of us – through college".

Article - Student heading to medical school thanks donors for their help

As he looks back on his undergraduate years, UNL senior Ethan Monhollon now sees how scholarships gave him the time he needed to reach for his goal of medical school.

Article - Here she comes with her memoir Kalamity Kate

Local TV pioneer Leta Powell Drake, a UNL alumna, feels good to be giving back with scholarship money – and many untold stories.

Article - UNMC macular degeneration regenerative medicine research bolstered by 1 3 million gift

The Pearsons’ gift helps fund research at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in macular degeneration and regenerative medicine and supports two existing endowed funds established at the University of Nebraska Foundation by the Pearsons during their lifetimes.

Article - First child to attend college makes family proud

Alyson Alvarez is the youngest of five and the first in her family to attend college.
Neither of her parents graduated from high school, so the fact that she is working on her doctorate in history at UNL, she says, “is a really big deal” to them and to her big, extended family back home in Southern California.

Article - Former 3M executive leaves engineering scholarships for UNL students

A career 3M executive who left a lasting impact on the company also left a lasting legacy at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln with an endowed scholarship.

Article - Meet the Millers and more

Tom and Janet Miller have more than a hundred children.
Masato, Renato, Luis Carlos, Salim, Kwon-ho…

Article - You can take the Nebraskan out of Nebraska

The Andersons lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area, before retiring to that big house in Oregon.

Article - Donor feels the satisfaction of giving

Article - The power of the pearls

In her 20s, Tricia Raikes focused on her career, trying to put Microsoft into every home in the country. In her 30s, she focused on raising her three kids. In her 40s, she focused on supporting the soaring career of husband Jeff, who became a president at Microsoft and later CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Article - Gift enables teachers to do the math and science

Imagine taking graduate level courses tuition-free.

Article - Students will long reap the harvest from Virginias Garden

Virginia’s Garden. Those words are etched on the bench.