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Article - UNO CodeCrush program for young women will enhance and expand with additional support

The Peter Kiewit Foundation has awarded a challenge grant of $225,000 to UNO for its CodeCrush program, a series of events designed to introduce 8th- and 9th-graders to iSTEM, an integrated approach to studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Article - Werner Enterprises supports UNO programs

Students at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) pursuing careers in supply chain management, logistics, information technology and more will benefit from a gift from Werner Enterprises, Inc.

Article - UNO students make advances in cancer research

UNO students make advances in cancer research, discover their career passions along the way

Article - Support UNO and UNMC causes during Omaha Gives 2019

Consider supporting the UNO Maverick Food Pantry and UNMC SHARING Clinics during Omaha Gives!

Article - NU Leads the Field in Developing 3D-Printed Prostheses

Jorge Zuniga has become a hero to thousands of kids around the world who need prosthetic hands and upper limbs — and to their families, who often can’t afford them — and in the process, he’s helped the University of Nebraska become the strongest force in the world within this sub-area of biomechanics.

Article - Leadership gift enables university to prepare even more needed teachers for Nebraska

Thanks to a generous gift from the William and Ruth Scott Family Foundation, the University of Nebraska – the state’s largest producer of teachers – will be in an even stronger position to meet one of Nebraska’s most critical workforce needs.

Article - Christensens to be honored with naming of UNO concert hall

The newly renovated concert hall within the Janet A. and Willis S. Strauss Performing Arts Center will be named in honor of UNO Chancellor Emeritus John Christensen and his wife, Jan.

Article - SharePoint Saturday Omaha Community Educational Scholarship Fund

The SharePoint Saturday–Omaha Community Educational Scholarship Fund was established with a gift commitment to the University of Nebraska Foundation.

Article - Connie Claussen

UNO’s athletic director emeritus and former coach Connie Claussen reigned with passion and purpose.

Article - A sacred circle of connections

A sacred circle of connections: UNO, math and the Henry Doorly Zoo.

Article - UNO celebrates human rights contributions of Goldstein family

The human rights legacy of Leonard and Shirley Goldstein of Omaha and their family will be forever carried forward at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Article - What do you want to be when you grow up

What do you want to be when you grow up? Posted: Thu, Oct 5, 2017 Looking back now, he says, it probably was too serious of a talk to have with such a little boy. He was just 5 at the time. His dad was still alive. He was visiting his dad’s room in a bare-bones public hospital near their home in Burkina Faso, a third-world country in West Africa. (The family couldn’t afford a private hospital, so they’d had to...

Article - Community support helps bring new piano to UNO School of Music

Arts patrons came together to gift a unique musical instrument to the university and city.

Article - CNN political reporter Husker alum Zeleny to deliver Hoagland Lecture Oct 5

What was it like to cover a presidential election with such a surprise ending? And how do reporters cover a president who consistently derides their profession?

Article - It was a perfect day

A perfect day to fly: In the exact hour of the dedication of UNO’s Scott Campus, two young pilots lifted by Scott’s generosity take to the sky above campus.

Article - Walking the path of a living legend

Walking in the path of a living legend: Recipient of the first Marlin Briscoe Athletics Scholarship at UNO shares a surprising connection to pro football’s first black starting quarterback.

Article - When you can accept death, you can accept life

Dr. Julie Masters, the Terry Haney Chair of Gerontology at UNO, loves her job helping older people – and her young students – understand the issues of aging.

Article - Doctor reflects on the moon and a river and on the miracle of his life

He says his mother’s words inspired an unlikely path that led him to UNO and UNMC and then to an amazing career.

Article - Lyn Holley awarded inaugural Chuck Powell Professorship of Gerontology at UNO

Gift of professorship enables UNO to do even more to improve the well-being of elders.

Article - UNO Chancellor Christensen announces retirement

Thank you Chancellor Christensen for your decade of leadership, collaboration, and momentum.

Article - Alumnus gives 100000 to support early childhood education students at UNO

Students studying to be early childhood educators are the focus of a new scholarship and fellowship created for the University of Nebraska at Omaha College of Education.

Article - Success brewing at UNOs new student-run cafe

Success is brewing at UNO’s new student-run café in Mammel Hall.

Article - Detective thanks donors for helping students

“I think that’s pretty amazing that you have the power to do something like that,” he tells them

Article - Early childhood welfare focus of new community chair at UNO

The $1 million endowed position is named in honor of Chancellor John Christensen

Article - New grad looks forward to giving back to UNO

Student, Ashley Spurlock, gives insight to what she loved most about UNO and why she plans to give back to her school.

Article - Confidence STEMS from hands on learning

UNO students see the excitement for STEM areas growing on campus, thanks to community chairs.

Article - Mississippi Mud BBQ and Michael Jordan

Mississippi Mud, BBQ and Michael Jordan: Students learn a lot about NU’s new president, Hank Bounds

Article - Engelmann awarded first Hubbard STEM learning instructorship at UNO

The Hubbard Instructorship supports the university’s efforts to expand STEM education programs by using the Glacier Creek Preserve.

Article - I want to learn to help wounded veterans

UNO helping ex-Army bomb squad technician reach his goal of giving back.

Article - Mrs Elaine Spire Thank You

UNO senior wants donor to know that he will try to live up to the standard set by her late husband, the great Robert Spire.

Article - A classroom a hemisphere away

Two UNO students who studied abroad get to thank donor in person, and it’s ‘way cool.’

Article - UNO means the world to a man whos seen the world

Air Force veteran who’s seen the world now giving back to a place that’s meant the world to him.

Article - Our Students Our Future initiative to raise 200 million in support of NU students

Increased access and success for current and future students is the focus of a two-year, $200 million fundraising initiative announced Sep. 24.

Article - A gift for his father the filmmaker

Bob Chenoweth, a retired Hollywood producer, finds a perfect way to make amends with his ‘ornery’ dad, who was Omaha’s first filmmaker.

Article - First Haddix Community Chair of Science creating strong bonds with Omaha and its young people

Dr. Christine Cutucache, UNO’s first Haddix Community Chair of Science, learned to love STEM subjects through hands-on experiences.

Article - First-generation UNO student grateful for Spire Scholarship

UNO student has a history of helping others in the community. He also knows what it’s like to receive the help he needs to get through school.

Article - Support UNO and UNMC through Omaha Gives

On May 20, join the Omaha community in Omaha Gives! — a 24-hour charitable challenge to benefit the community’s nonprofits.

Article - Heres why he cant stop smiling

UNO social work student says scholarship has opened doors – and opened his eyes to career opportunities.

Article - A Portrait of Philanthropy Ron and Connie Brasel

Ron and Connie Brasel of Omaha say they got hooked on UNO hockey years ago after getting to know the coaches and players. They saw the shoestring budget in those early days, and decided to help. It’s been a fun ride, they say, to see how far the Mavs have come.

Article - A toast to a great teacher Orv Menard

Orv Menard didn’t want a funeral.
Instead, he just wanted people to gather at the school’s alumni house for an afternoon of conversation and sparkling French wine – Cremant – all on his dime, and some good Dixieland music.
They did.

Article - Near the end of the road, what matters the most

How to age with grace? Father Leo Missinne, an expert on aging and a professor emeritus in UNO’s department of gerontology, describes ways that older people can find meaning in life. One of them, he says, is by giving back to others.

Article - Making a Difference

Today we announced that the Campaign for Nebraska has raised more than $1.8 billion for the University of Nebraska.

Article - The true meaning of being a star

UNO student wants to help others, because she’s seen true superheroes in action.

Article - An especially loyal employee

Former Union Pacific scholarship recipient at UNO now a part of the U.P. family.

Article - Near the end of the road, what matters the most?

How to age with grace? Father Leo Missinne, an expert on aging and a professor emeritus in UNO’s department of gerontology, describes ways that older people can find meaning in life. One of them, he says, is by giving back to others.

Article - Student wants to thank those who fed her hunger

UNO sophomore Jennifer Alquicira can tell you what it’s like to be hungry – and what it’s like to know people care.

Article - Why they give

Ian Chapo, 22, graduated with degrees in economics and political science on May 10. Eleven days later, he made his first gift to the university – one for the Model United Nations Fund, which supports the Model United Nations student group he belonged to at UNL.

Article - Couple sees their children and giving as the glue to their marriage

Two years ago, Mary and Rodrigo Lopez of Omaha led a Habitat for Humanity team in Haiti. It had been several years since the earthquake, and yet many people were still living in tent camps.

Article - Upcoming giving days can benefit University of Nebraska nonprofits

Ready. Set. Give. Upcoming community giving day events provide a 24-hour focus to the importance of philanthropy within Nebraska and on our University of Nebraska campuses.

Article - A community center centered at UNO

Like the one-of-a-kind mural in the basement, UNO’s newly dedicated Community Engagement Center will be a unique place of unity and community – and yet another way that UNO is shaking hands with the city.

Article - Older sisters hand-me-down right fit for UNL scholarship student

As the youngest of three, Elise Van Hove has always received hand-me-downs. But Elise, who grew up in South Dakota, says there’s one hand-me-down she’s especially grateful for – a passion for the University of Nebraska.

Article - Young Nebraska leaders go to Washington

A Nebraska Congressman keeps a bed in his office in Washington, D.C.? That surprised some young Nebraska eyes.

Article - UNO Community Engagement Center Dedicated

On Thursday, April 17, the UNO celebrated the biggest addition yet to its world-leading community engagement efforts with the dedication of the Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center.

Article - Alumnus Jim Young passes away after a two-year battle with pancreatic cancer

University of Nebraska Foundation Trustee and University of Nebraska at Omaha Alumnus James R. Young passed away Feb. 15, after a two-year battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 61.

Article - An idea that will help people succeed

“We want to help people succeed,” says UNO graduate student Rob LaMagna-Reiter. “And we believe we have a great idea to do that.”

Article - Fire at UNO displaces students destroys belongings

On Wednesday a two-alarm fire displaced 42 University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) students and severely damaged the residence hall they call home.

Article - Berkshire Hathaway investor invests in Omaha

Poverty. Science. Education. The arts. That’s where Dick Holland has put almost all of his money. “I feel there’s no point in leaving life without having done things for your fellow man.”

Article - Turkey on the 4th of July

Four University of Nebraska students had studied Turkey more than almost anyone else in the world their age. But then they spent a few weeks in that country last summer, and their textbooks opened wide. They walked inside.

Article - Students say the most grateful things

“If I could ever say anything, face to face, with the people who gave me the money to chase my dreams … it would be a very long handshake and possibly a hug,” says Parker Loghry, a Thompson Scholar at UNK. “I would just look them in the eye and say, ‘You have no idea.’”

Article - An idea that will help people succeed

“We want to help people succeed,” says UNO graduate student Rob LaMagna-Reiter. “And we believe we have a great idea to do that.”

Article - She loves computers. And it shows.

She’s fallen in love with IT. Information Technology. But three years ago, Katherine Slump, now a UNO freshman, had no idea what IT even was.

Article - Former student athletes gift provides Omaha mens basketball team special opportunities

The Omaha Athletic Department is celebrating the largest private gift ever to its men’s basketball program by a former student-athlete this week.

Article - Wife mother grateful scholarship recipient says thank you

UNO scholarship recipient Emily Sulzle’s days are crazy.

Article - Gift from Omaha real estate developer benefits UNO students, elevates program

A name long associated with real estate development in Omaha now will be permanently affiliated with the University of Nebraska at Omaha’s College of Business Administration (CBA).

Article - UNO Wolfpack helps son follow his dad

UNO sophomore DJ Carlson wants to be a navigator and have a long career in the Air Force. He’s a cadet in UNO’s Air Force ROTC Detachment 470, also known as “the Wolfpack.” Now the Wolfpack’s alumni group is helping DJ aim for the sky.

Article - Scholarship honors UNO parent soccer fan fighting cancer

To say John Marinkovich and his family love soccer is somewhat of an understatement.

Article - Gift honors two extraordinary women, benefits UNOs STEM initiatives

The establishment of a new endowed professorship will further strengthen STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education at the University of Nebraska at Omaha while honoring family members of a highly accomplished UNO graduate.

Article - Meet the Millers and more

Tom and Janet Miller have more than a hundred children.
Masato, Renato, Luis Carlos, Salim, Kwon-ho…

Article - UNO students entrepreneurs franchising professionals to benefit from 1 million gift

Today the University of Nebraska at Omaha announced a $1 million gift from UNO alumnus and Omaha native John Morgan of Minneapolis, Minn., to create one of the campus’ highest ranking endowed faculty positions.

Article - Early childhood professor learned shared experiences arent always shared

A little girl was crying.
A young preschool teacher was comforting her. But then a little boy raced across the room and jumped on the teacher’s back.

Article - Young investors learn the value of time at UNO

You’re 18. You have a credit card debt of $30,000. You’re making the minimum monthly payment. You’re actually one of the 18-year-olds in the most recent Maverick Investment Summer Camp at UNO.

Article - Professor helps students achieve moments of Eureka

There once was a girl growing up in northern Minnesota. (This wasn’t so long ago. She’s only 33.) She was one of those kids who’d hide in the corner during math class. She liked math. She’d always finish the homework early. She was good at it. But math class bored her because her teachers bored her. Most just lectured at her.

Article - Buffett gives students some priceless advice

A young woman stood before the third-richest man in the world – Warren Buffett – one recent day and asked him about something almost everybody in the world wants.

Success. This was during a live CNN interview at UNO’s Mammel Hall.) Find out his surprising answer.

Article - UNO to make perfect pitch for soccer

In the United States, the word pitch often is associated with America’s favorite pastime, baseball.

But in many other countries, “pitch” refers to the surface where soccer – the world’s most popular sport – is played.

Article - Gift enables professor to discuss the evil that men do

Welcome to a normal day in History 4720 at UNO – Professor Waitman Beorn’s “History of the Holocaust.”
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