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Article - Involved student becomes involved donor

What would you do if a dear friend died and left you a quarter of a million dollars, with the stipulation you spend it all on charity?

Article - Those who have and know should share

This Friday, Oct. 7, UNL will dedicate a new state-of-the-art lab in the basement of Chase Hall on East Campus.

Article - Caring professor leads to caring student

Jeff Parksfound a “small” way to thank his former professor.

Article - The power of the pearls

In her 20s, Tricia Raikes focused on her career, trying to put Microsoft into every home in the country. In her 30s, she focused on raising her three kids. In her 40s, she focused on supporting the soaring career of husband Jeff, who became a president at Microsoft and later CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Article - Nanoscience Research Center at UNL to be Named for Couple

Don Voelte and his wife, Nancy Keegan have given a $5 million campaign gift to UNL.

Article - UNMC names student plaza in honor of Ruth and Bill Scott

Over the past eight years, the Scotts have made multiple gifts to UNMC, including the lead gifts on new buildings for four UNMC colleges - medicine, nursing, public health and pharmacy.

Article - There may never be a better time to create a charitable lead trust

With interest rates so low, according to UNL alum Jere McGaffey (’57), there may never be a better time to create a charitable lead trust.

Article - Scholarship encourages Fairbury High grads to study math sciences at UNL

wo Nebraska natives who support the values instilled in young people who grow up in small Midwestern communities have established a permanently endowed scholarship fund for students graduating from Fairbury High School.

Article - Studying abroad gives UNK graduate a broader perspective

Studying in the Czech Republic and China created experiences that Ben Cooney can’t describe using dollar signs.

Article - Solving for why students should teach math

She liked math. She’d always finish the homework early. But math class bored her because her teachers bored her.

Article - Whos Calling You

Paul Francis, a 22-year-old Spanish and International Business major at UNL, has traveled to many places in the world. He dreams of seeing every continent before he hits 25.

Article - Second 1 million gift advances STEM education at UNO

Dr. George Haddix of Omaha has made a $1 million gift to the University of Nebraska Foundation.

Article - UNL Center for Digital Research in the Humanities announces gifts toward 15M challenge

The UNL Center for Digital Research in the Humanities announced nearly $430,000 has been given to date toward the challenge it accepted from the National Endowment for the Humanities to raise $1.5 million by 2015.

Article - Baenziger gift reflects career-long grain research interest

What started as a dream of helping to feed the world is now one step closer to reality for University of Nebraska–Lincoln crop researcher Stephen Baenziger.

Article - University of Nebraska Foundation announces campus grants

The University of Nebraska Foundation’s board of directors awarded more than $1.1 million in grants to the University of Nebraska.

Article - Loyalty Integrity Humor

Dan Morin had a giving spirit, and it suited him for working at a charitable organization.

Article - Gift enables teachers to do the math and science

Imagine taking graduate level courses tuition-free.

Article - Practice facility puts golf program on the upswing

Few golf teams have anything like what the Lopers now have.

Article - 34 consecutive years of giving But whos counting

University of Nebraska at Omaha alum Roberta Williams has given to the UNO Annual Fund for each of the past 34 years. But she’s not counting.

Article - Students will long reap the harvest from Virginias Garden

Virginia’s Garden. Those words are etched on the bench.

Article - Public health student hopes to do her best in areas that are the worst

The photo haunts Laura Hansen. That’s why the 23-year-old framed it and hung it right above her desk – to remind her why she is studying at the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s College of Public Health.

Article - Her father made sure she went to college now she does the same for others

After the Nama sisters’ mother passed away when they were children, their father, Frank, made sure his daughters would go on to college.

Article - A little research shows that research at Nebraska really pays

College students from around the country were amazed, and maybe jealous, when UNL senior Zach Smith told them that he got to do one-on-one research with a professor.

Article - Scholarship makes it easier for students suffering hardships

Milton E. Steinkruger’s 40-year career in the funeral business gave him the opportunity to help those who were grieving or struggling. “Milton was a caring man throughout his life and eager to encourage and support others,” says his wife, Ilene Steinkruger.

Article - When it comes to popularity prof wins by more than just a nose

Having someone stick a tube down your nose to your stomach isn’t anyone’s idea of fun.

Article - UNMC alums understand the importance of entrepreneurs and philanthropy

Promoting entrepreneurship is a goal of Karen and Dr. Jim Linder, UNMC alums and philanthropists.

Article - We mourn the loss of Dan Morin

“Dan was a dedicated colleague and friend and will be greatly missed by his colleagues and the many donors and volunteers whom he enjoyed helping over the years,” President Clarence Castner said.

Article - Scholarship gives hope support to UNK students in crisis

The gift from the estate of Milton E. Steinkruger to the University of Nebraska Foundation establishes a permanently endowed scholarship fund.

Article - UNO helps students and Omaha

His aunt saw a dog on the Interstate. She swerved. Her truck flipped and landed on her. That was a few years back when Justin Williams was 16. He’s a sophomore now at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, studying biotechnology. He wants to be a doctor someday and stay in Omaha.

Article - Bad bugs No drugs

With H1N1, SARS, AND H5N1, diseases caused by bugs, there are still only 12 approved antibacterial drugs. The University of Nebraska Medical Center is working to fight these bugs.

Article - Newest recipient of NUs oldest scholarship fund thankful

Edward J. Cornish means a lot to Emilie O’Connor, even though she’s never met him and never will.

Article - Nebraska student finds Norway way different from home

While studying in Norway last fall, April Corbet was struck by the mannerisms and approaches people there had for simple, everyday routines.

Article - Words of advice from Pulitzer Prize winning Aunt Willie

Few college students ever receive words of advice directly from one of the greatest writers of all time. Few can boast that such a great writer is blood – in Charles Cather’s case, a beloved aunt. Willa Cather.

Article - Friend remembers blacksmith who made final investment in students

Cindi Heiden will never forget the first time she met Walter Schmitt. It was the early ’90s. He walked into her H & R Block office in York, Neb., to hire her to do his taxes.

Article - MS patients success leads to Train The Brain Fund

Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the early 2000s, Kurt Shafer was going downhill.

Article - Alumna and longtime alumni association supporter gives scholarship to help UNK students

University of Nebraska at Kearney alumna and retired teacher Jean Nama has given a scholarship to support students who wish to further their education in Nebraska and position themselves to be educated citizens.

Article - UNMC opens new College of Public Health building named for visionary Nebraska couple

One of the greatest accomplishments of UNMC Chancellor Harold M. Maurer, M.D., during his 12 years as chancellor was creating the College of Public Health – the first new college at UNMC since 1968.

Article - Donation of Cather documents start of unfinished novel made to UNL

Charles Cather, Willa's nephew, died March 14 in California, and his personal property relating to Willa Cather was given to the University of Nebraska Foundation.

Article - When you give you get

The Yanneys have developed a very philanthropic spirit.

Article - Scholarship call causes recipient to scream and scream again

Article - Honoring their father

Bud McGinley had a nickname for each of his six kids. Mike, the oldest, was Mike the Pike. Then came Patty Watty, Kelly the Belly, Queen Erin, Kevin the Brain and Dugan Donegal (County Donegal is the McGinley clan’s ancestral home in Ireland).

Article - Scholarships help keep UNO students on track

Nearly 85 percent of the students at the University of Nebraska at Omaha apply for financial assistance. But just 30 percent are eligible for Pell Grants, the largest federal grant program for students from low-income families.

Article - The real story of a real world reporter

Political science and journalism major at UNL has been a paid fellow with the Omaha World Herald's Lincoln Bureau.

Article - One last Christmas together

He would have died the night in May 2007 when they airlifted him to the medical center, she says. Instead, those people, along with the medical center’s cutting-edge lymphoma researchers, extended Zachary’s life for a year.

Article - UNL entrepreneur makes a dogs life even tastier

Ashley Nunnenkamp makes gourmet treats for dogs.

She makes them out of pumpkins from her family’s farm, using puree from the damaged or mislabeled cans.

She did her research. She talked to veterinarians. She learned that pumpkin is really good for dogs.

Article - 12 million gift for faculty support provides insurance for the future says Nebraska engineering grad

Wil Hergenrader practically grew up on the University of Nebraska–Lincoln campus in the 1930s and 40s.

Article - Lied Center celebrates expansion start

The Lied Center for Performing Arts will celebrate the start of its expansion project at a groundbreaking event on April 29 at 4:30 p.m.

Article - Virginia Chain Schmid A legal love story

When we met, I was a high school English and history teacher in Columbus and Marvin was a bachelor lawyer. We both felt the university had shaped our lives, made what we did in our 61 years together possible.

Article - The color purple A pancreatic cancer story

He took a leave of absence from work and stayed home with her every day. He sat by her side every time she had chemo.

Article - UNO scholars providing mentoring encouragement and hope

School’s out. About a dozen kids have come to the Hope Center for Kids in north Omaha to talk with tutors who aren’t much older than they are.

Article - UNMC and Haiti lose dedicated doctor

He gave to the med center, to Omaha and to the world.

Article - Talk to me

When he’s not studying organisms, fishing or hunting, Drew Stone spends much of his time calling University of Nebraska at Kearney alums.

Article - Students math skills add up to Cambridge scholarship

Zach Norwood’s senior thesis isn’t a subject he’s likely to bring up at a party. “My thesis is about divisor sequences realizable in Krull monoids.”

Article - Videographer working to fill and film the Himalayan Gap

When Michael Nyffeler was a kid growing up near Kearney, he and his family used to host an exchange student from Nepal for the holidays. They would head to the snowy hills near his home and go sledding. They’d eat turkey.

Article - Putting Parkinsons on ice

Six years ago, Colleen Wuebben’s right hand started to twitch. It usually happened when she was tired or stressed or cold.

Article - Scholarship program gives smiles and much more to appreciative students

Bob and Bo Muchemore were very happy people. If you knew Bob, you would always say this about him: “What a great smile.” You’d say that about Bo, too, although she was more serious.

Article - Gift will enable dental college to drill deeper into oral cancer research

The symptoms are often subtle: A sore in your mouth that doesn’t heal; difficulty in chewing, swallowing or moving your tongue; persistent pain in your mouth; or a feeling that something is caught in your throat.

Article - Celebrating 10 years of healthier smiles

The University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of Children’s Dental Day.

Article - UNO Announces Major Gift to Maverick Hockey

The University of Nebraska at Omaha’s hockey program recently received the largest gift in its history – a gift that will be used to enhance its future.

Article - Big gift to help little learners

Decades of research have established the years from birth to age 8 as the period during which children make their greatest gains – in thinking, behavior, language, and social and emotional growth.

Article - Taste of China leaves architecture students hungry for more

Taylor Hammack has yet to absorb all the experiences he had this past fall in China.

Article - Transformation Project helping people change

Convicted robber Jeremy Lukowski first read the words of Malcolm X while alone in “the hole” at the Omaha Correctional Center, in solitary confinement.

Article - UNMC doctors work to repair broken hearts

It’s February, the month for thinking pink about love and the heart (or black, if a lover just left you).

Article - GI Bill doctor pays it forward for UNK students

Article - University of Nebraskas Buffett Early Childhood Institute will help create level playing field for at-risk children

What if the gap between what we know to be optimal conditions for child development and what actually happens to many at-risk children and their families could be closed?

Article - Celebrating 75 years of giving

We are looking forward to many more years of connecting donors and the university.

Article - Maverick fan of more than just athletics

When I tell people I am a UNO fan, I am talking about more than simply being a fervent follower of its athletic teams. I am a fan of the University of Nebraska at Omaha in general. – Jon Brooks, UNO alum (‘96)

Article - Debate a life changer for this NU supporter

Every successful person can point to one teacher who had a big effect on them.

Article - Loper grad will long remember Eyes and feet

"I came to UNK and I found a place where I belonged."

Article - Nurse appreciates the help she received

My oldest son was born in 1993 with cerebral palsy. It took 20 minutes of resuscitation before he took his first breath. … He has an IQ of 56. He struggles with change. My going back to school was not accepted well by him. …

Article - Rozema awarded new endowed chair of philosophy and literature

The University of Nebraska at Kearney announces David Rozema, professor and director of the philosophy department, has been awarded the first Inklings Chair of Philosophy and Literature.

Article - Ed Hirsch former foundation president dies friends recall his tremendous loyalty

Ed Hirsch, a former longtime staff member of the University of Nebraska Foundation and its president in the mid-1980s, died Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2011, in Lincoln. He was 89.

Article - Quest for better vision no longer just a vision

If you’re reading this with healthy eyes, you’re not like Hal Spurrier. The retired Lincoln business owner and University of Nebraska grad was diagnosed with glaucoma 42 years ago, when he was just 28. “I was too stupid to know how bad it was,” he says, smiling.

Article - UNOs 3500 ft classroom

Flying scares people. It makes them peer into the cockpit before the door closes and pray the pilots know what they’re doing with all those levers and lights. Flying inspires people. It makes them look up into the sky and see the possibilities of human invention and human guts.

Article - Extreme makeover coming to Devaney Center

The Bob Devaney Sports Center isn’t just getting a facelift. It’s getting something close to an extreme makeover with renovations and the addition of the new Hendricks Training Complex.