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Article - Couple takes team approach to beat this

Article - Storm chaser finds tornadoes freaky and fun

Clint became a meteorology and climatology major. He joined the Nebraska Storm Chase Team, a group made up mostly of meteorology students.

Now a senior, Clint has been chasing storms for a couple of years. It’s exciting, he says. It’s educational.

Article - Pilot credits UNO with helping his career fly

Jeff Lehmkuhl’s workday can be dangerous.

The Air Force captain is executive officer of the 563rd Rescue Group at Davis-Monthan AFB in Arizona. He flies the HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter. He’s been deployed to both Afghanistan and Iraq, rescuing special-ops forces deep behind enemy lines.

Article - Donors help students and others taste sweet success

Over the years, the Seacrests have helped many people across the state connect with the arts. It’s been a passion.

Helping young people, they say, has been especially sweet.

Article - Anonymous gift creates new scholarship in honor of longtime UNK baseball coach Guy Murray

A new memorial scholarship provides support to baseball student-athletes at the University of Nebraska at Kearney while remembering the life of former baseball coach and UNK Athletic Hall of Fame Member, Guy Murray.

Article - One fund supports them all

This is an exciting time for UNK as it moves to the Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association – maybe the best Division II conference in the country.

The Lopers, who are leaving the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference, officially become part of the MIAA on July 1.

But as they enter this new era, continuing their tradition of excellence will require more resources and scholarships and even more donor support.

Article - UNO fish tank cleaner lands river research grant

Cleaning fish tanks.

Hours and hours of cleaning fish tanks.

That’s what UNO biology major Racine Rangel did when she first joined the school’s Aquatic Toxicology Lab.

Article - Ashfall Fossil Beds opens Dickinson Fossil Heritage Center June 16

Children and adults of all ages will have even more to learn and do at Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park when the Dickinson Fossil Heritage Center opens June 16.

Article - Scholarship recipients put gratitude into words

Grant Wallace and John Blecha took the time to write out a speech to deliver to the Burnett Society Luncheon in Omaha on April 27.

Article - One proud son honors two amazing parents

Chris Bade honors his strong parents with creations of two scholarship funds.

Article - Neighbors helping neighbors

Philanthropy, Bob Krohn says, was not talked about when they were growing up in Albion, Neb.

It was just something that everybody did – neighbors helping neighbors.

Article - Ameritas gift supports UNL actuarial science education

Recognized as being among the best in the nation, the actuarial science program at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Business Administration has received a $500,000 gift from Ameritas Life Insurance Corp. of Lincoln to support outstanding faculty members.

Article - Campaign for Nebraska raises 1 2 billion with 30 months to go

The University of Nebraska Foundation has received more than $1.2 billion in gifts for its fundraising campaign, the Campaign for Nebraska: Unlimited Possibilities, with about 30 months to go before the campaign officially ends Dec. 31, 2014.

Article - Elmer Pete and Abby Gudmundsen were lifelong supporters of agricultural research in Nebraska

The couple retired from ranching in the late 1970s and donated their ranch to the University of Nebraska Foundation to be used by the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Article - The Barta brothers Clifford and James were lifelong ranchers

They were also philanthropists.

So it made sense when the brothers donated 6,000 acres of rangeland in 1996 to the University of Nebraska Foundation.

Article - Gift makes Bizarre Beasts exhibit permanent at Nebraska

On May 12, the museum opens “Bizarre Beasts,” a new permanent exhibit exploring some of the strangest creatures ever to inhabit the Earth, past and present.

Article - UNL alum who was helped helps others

Life was tough for UNL alum Richard Hensley, who grew up in Central City, Neb., during the Depression.

Article - Trombone helps make UNO student all the things he is

The thing on his face?

It’s pretty obvious most days – that dark, pink circle over the middle of his lips. But there’s not a lot Andrew Brown can do about it.

“I tried to grow the beard to cover it up,” the UNO senior says.

Article - A UNMC miracle story times two

The nurse called at noon.

Be at the office in an hour, she said.

“I don’t want to come,” Peg Ricketts replied.

Article - UNK study abroad student learns she can handle it

The UNK education major from North Platte, Neb., knew she needed to go to Peru to improve her Spanish. But a big part of her didn’t want to go. And she didn’t know if she could last a whole semester there.

Article - Olsson Associates reinforces engineering education at Nebraska

With a history of reinforcing education at the University of Nebraska, Olsson Associates has announced a gift commitment of $260,000 over the next 10 years to support faculty members, students, academic programs and facilities at the College of Engineering.

Article - Former Omaha mayors 50000 gift supports UNOs political science department and students

Former Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey recently made a $50,000 gift to the University of Nebraska Foundation to support students and academic programs in the political science department at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Article - Gift from former student supports Creative Nonfiction Program at UNO

A recent gift from The Kinney Family Foundation to the University of Nebraska Foundation honors individuals who were instrumental in the development of the English Department’s Creative Nonfiction Program at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and supports the current program and its students.

Article - Estate gift to provide scholarships to students at UNO

A $500,000 gift will create new scholarship opportunities for students at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, where more than 80 percent of students seek financial assistance to attend college.

Article - Its all in the family for UNK scholarship donors

“The way we look at it,” Jack says, “we have our own alumni association.”

Article - UNMC donors leave things better than they found them

Mary Pearson grew up in the Great Depression.

Her father, a farmer, didn’t have money to buy her and her twin sister dresses to go to their high school graduation party. So they stayed home.

Article - Happy UNO donor makes students feel the same

Miss Betty Jean Haupt must have had fun at Omaha U.

Article - Bennett memorial scholarship to support business students at UNK

A new memorial scholarship provides support to students in the College of Business and Technology at the University of Nebraska at Kearney while remembering the life of alumnus Dr. Keith N. Bennett.

Article - Gift from BCBSNE will create a chair in the School of Public Administration at UNO

The University of Nebraska at Omaha and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska (BCBSNE) are partnering to better educate and prepare students in public administration for the increasingly complex and transforming area of health care.

Article - And the winners in love are

Joan Truhlsen Johns, Class of 1949, won UNL’s first “How I Fell in Love in Love Library” contest.

She wrote a poem that’s shaped like an “N.” It describes how she met her husband of 63 years in Love Library when she was just 17.

Article - Helping the world move better one step at a time

You go to a bar and play darts.

You throw dart after dart. Each throw is a bit different from the previous throw.

It’s time to leave.

You walk out of the bar. Each step is a bit different from the previous step.

Article - Scholarship honors parents who contributed to the good life

“My parents are dyed in the wool Nebraskans,” he says. “They grew up in tough times, when everything was at a premium. … One thing my family has learned is that Nebraska’s greatest resource is its people.

“That’s what makes ‘the good life’ in Nebraska.”

Article - Thank you

Opened in 2008, UNMC’s Sorrell Center for Health Science Education has been the high-tech home to scores of medical students who continue to sing its praises and voice their appreciation for those who made it all possible.

Article - Goodbye Charlie a cancer survivors story

A UNMC professor asked his first-year med students to tell why they wanted to be doctors. This was last fall, on the first day of school. All the stories were good.

But none was better than Sarah Synovec’s.

Article - Alumnus wishes success for UNK business students athletes

Terry R. Peterson, owner of Nebraska-based companies that provide products and services to railroad companies, has committed $100,000 to a permanently endowed scholarship fund at the University of Nebraska Foundation.

Article - State Farm gives 40000 to support business ethics and college access programs at UNL

State Farm Insurance has given $40,000 to the University of Nebraska Foundation to support the business ethics program and a college access program at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

Article - Of fathers sons and daughters

Anne Martin doesn’t remember much about the night her dad got inducted into the Nebraska Football Hall of Fame.

It was 1993. She was just 2 years old. But someone captured it on VHS tape back then and mailed a copy to her parents.

Article - Sandhills Publishing forms UNL partnership to support future information technology grads

Sandhills Publishing hopes a new partnership with the University of Nebraska–Lincoln encourages more young people to pursue an education in Nebraska and to keep their talents and skills here when they graduate.

Article - UNO alums love giving back to their alma mater

Bob was a bouncer at an Omaha bar, the Dundee Dell. It was a small, dark place in those days. Margaret was sitting by a front window. The sun was shining on her red hair.

Article - WWII and a young soldier typist finds a girl just his type

Around midnight, someone walked through the barracks and called out his name.

Keith Bennett? Keith Bennett?

Yes, sir.

Article - Investigating new ways to mend a broken heart

What if an MRI could signal you about a heart attack before it occurred?

Article - In Love in Love

Jozetta Helfrich met the love of her life at Love Library.

Article - University of Nebraska Foundation announces leadership change

Peter J. Whitted, M.D., chair of the board of directors for the University of Nebraska Foundation announced today changes to the organization’s leadership.

Article - UNO Athletics announces major gift toward academic success

The University of Nebraska Omaha athletic department and the University of Nebraska Foundation today announced a leadership gift by local benefactors Brian and Carey Hamilton toward the construction of an on-campus Academic Excellence Center that will carry their name.

Article - Hennings increase access to education with forever scholarship fund

The children of Harvey J. and Betty L. Henning of Kearney have established a student scholarship in their parents’ honor at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Article - Paula Nash a special gift processing specialist

Almost every gift to the University of Nebraska Foundation these past 16 years crossed the desk of Paula Nash, a gift processing specialist in the accounting department.

Article - UNMC and The Nebraska Medical Center Unveil Plans for a New Cancer Center

Leaders from the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) and its hospital partner, The Nebraska Medical Center announced today preliminary plans for a new cancer center at the medical center’s Omaha campus.

Article - WIN seeks your bold ideas funding needs

WIN seeks your bold ideas, funding needs Posted: Wed, Jan 4, 2012 Nebraska nonprofit organizations and groups or organizations affiliated with the University of Nebraska striving to address critical community needs or wishing to make a significant local or state impact with their programs may now submit funding ideas to Women Investing in Nebraska (WIN). To submit an online letter of inquiry,...

Article - The sweetest voice he ever heard again

By 2003, Eric Silvius had not heard his wife speak in 13 years.

Multiple sclerosis had taken her voice. It had taken her ability to swallow. Her arms. Her legs. Her clear vision. It had taken the job she loved as a psychologist.

Article - Scholarship helps student secure future in computer security

He remembers his mom freaking out.

Scattered around the computer room of their Omaha home were the guts and parts of the family’s first desktop computer.

He was just 12. The computer, a Macintosh, had cost his parents about $3,000.

Article - Donor who came from nothing gives a great deal to UNK

Robert Sahling says he came from “exactly nothing.”

Article - Non-traditional student appreciates the opportunity

For UNL student Dan Wiek, earning the John E. McCue Memorial Scholarship meant that he could go back to school and get a construction-management degree.

But enrolling in college can be difficult at age 36.

Article - Scholarship fills financial hole for appreciative dental student

When UNMC dental student Jake Zitterkopf sat down to write a thank you letter to the people who gave him his scholarship, he never intended to go above and beyond the ordinary.

Article - Train the Brain Challenge Grant

The Munroe-Meyer Institute for Genetics and Rehabilitation (MMI) at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha is ready to take an exciting new research program to the next level, but needs our support to do this.

Article - Phonathon caller employs super power of speech

Invisibility. Flight. Incredible strength. If you could have any super power, which would it be?

Article - Cancer patient found the best care right next door

MaryAnn Fredrick of St. Paul, Neb., was alone at work when the phone rang.

It was her doctor.

Suddenly, she found herself overwhelmed by medical lingo about treatments, side effects and prognosis for a rare type of invasive breast cancer.

Article - Students travel abroad trip turns into life-changing experience

The baby boys – twins – were born too early. Both needed oxygen, but the hospital had just one oxygen machine.
The parents had a choice:
Which son would get the machine and live, and which would not get it and die?

Article - Nursing scholarship honors mom who helped dad and others

Her father encouraged her to go to college, get an education and become successful.

Harriett J. Steele did just that, graduating as one of only a few female students from the Ohio State University in the 1940s.

Article - 250000 gift will provide scholarships to Kearney nursing students

“On behalf of the UNMC College of Nursing faculty and staff at the Kearney Division, I would like to say how grateful we are for Ms. Reynolds' extremely generous gift and legacy to the future of health care."

Article - UNK professor creates scholarship in honor of her mothers life

Pre-nursing students at the University of Nebraska at Kearney benefit from a new permanently endowed scholarship fund created especially with them in mind.

Article - UNK receives 520000 endowed philosophy professorship

The University of Nebraska at Kearney has received $520,000 for a professorship to support faculty members in the College of Fine Arts and Humanities’ philosophy program.

Article - Scholarship honors a life by supporting nontraditional engineering students at UNL

A new memorial scholarship provides support to nontraditional students who study construction or civil engineering at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln while remembering the life of alumnus John E. McCue, who enjoyed a career in engineering.

Article - Collaboration strengthens Holocaust genocide education in Nebraska

Omahans Louis Blumkin, a World War II liberator, and Sam Fried, a Holocaust survivor, both understand the need for society to be educated about genocide, so history does not repeat itself.

Article - NUs favorite son comedian makes another serious gift

Heeeeere’s ... Johnny!
And yet another generous gift for his alma mater.

Article - Keeping dads music alive

He played by heart. He serenaded his sweetheart with the harmonica. She became his wife. He filled their home with music, delighting their kids with tune after tune. And their grandkids.

Article - Alumni Association scholarships help those who will someday help others

Have you ever had a dream, and the only thing standing in your way was how much it would cost? What if you received a scholarship to help with this financial burden, and it allowed you to become one step closer to this dream?

Article - Stars find Nebraska graduates invention illuminating

Alan Grow hitchhiked halfway across the country to attend the recent reunion of Raikes School grads. But not because he’s poor.

Article - Players give back to honor coach who taught them more than just the game

Former UNK men’s basketball coach Jerry Hueser taught the game. But that was just part of what he gave his players.

Article - University of Nebraska Foundation marks record year

Alumni and friends of the University of Nebraska demonstrated their generosity this year by giving the most private support in history.

Article - New fund will assist UNO students in breaking international barriers

Former University of Nebraska President Ronald Roskens and wife, Lois, of Omaha have provided a gift to give to students in the College of Education at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Article - Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts announces campaign gift from James and Rhonda Seacrest

The Seacrests have made a contribution to the University of Nebraska Foundation to the Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts to create the James C. and Rhonda Seacrest Program Excellence Fund as a permanent endowment supporting the College forever.

Article - UNL opens new biological engineering lab named for Swarts family

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln opened a new biological engineering teaching lab designed with undergraduate students in mind

Article - Naming of entrance professorship honor Dr John Langan

John Langan devoted nearly half a century to the University of Nebraska at Omaha, first as a student, then as a faculty member and professor, and eventually as dean of the College of Education.

Article - Roskens Hall new home of the College of Education

The University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) formally dedicated Roskens Hall as the new home of the College of Education with a ceremony on Friday, Sept. 23.

Article - Lizard on the line

Liz, Lizzy, Lizard. Those are her nicknames. Liz Hubbard, a 22-year-old nursing major at UNMC College of Nursing’s Lincoln Division, grew up in Seward.