UNMC - Sharing Clinic

In 2013, SHARING celebrated its ‘Sweet Sixteen' birthday and, like any teenager celebrating such a milestone, it is now eager to stand on its own two feet! Through the years, countless hours of work by faculty and dedicated students like you have brought amazing growth to SHARING. The 2012-13 Student Committee was honored to share with our patients all the benefits of your hard work, and because today's students will Never Stop SHARING.

Yet, we also saw the potential that SHARING could have with a strong financial foundation. It was realized that this could be accomplished if the Securing the Future endowment could reach $1 million within the next five years. Call SHARING a bit naïve at such a young age; we think it is not only possible, but likely. You experienced first-hand how committed students have to be to make something like SHARING work. It is a commitment born simultaneously out of a desire to help patients in need and an opportunity learn in a rich, interactive environment not available elsewhere so early in our careers.

To show how much we believe in SHARING, the now-retired 2012-13 Student Committee has decided to donate to SHARING. As you may suspect, many are paying off debt (or even accumulating it!), but we also realize we have an amazing opportunity to make one lasting improvement for SHARING. We are pleased to announce that an astounding 20 current SHARING students decided to donate. Amazingly, every profession was represented by a student donation.

Let that sink in. It is an incredible tribute to what you built. Thank you for everything you have done for SHARING.



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