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College of Pharmacy and Integrated Center for Drug Discovery Fund

College of Pharmacy and Integrated Center for Drug Discovery Fund

Plans for the new College of Pharmacy building and integrated Center for Drug Discovery reflect the changing face of pharmacy education and health care.  Updated technology will be featured throughout the building, and additional space will be available for teaching and research.

Students will be taught in flexible classrooms, and student interaction and study areas will extend learning opportunities. Patient simulation and care instructional space will incorporate a model pharmacy, a sterile compounding room, and practice areas for patient assessment and point of care testing.  These are critical unmet educational needs of the College.

The integrated Center for Drug Discovery will provide laboratories for three areas of research: Drug Discovery and Development, Drug Delivery and Clinical and Translational Research.  The Center will be unique; no other academic medical center in the U.S. has a drug discovery program focused on infectious disease.  The College's researchers are now making breakthroughs in the treatment of tuberculosis, food-borne illnesses, malaria, traumatic brain injury, and many other areas.  But there is currently no available new laboratory space, and the physical plant is overtaxed and inadequate to manage existing labs.  The College is presently unable to recruit new researchers or expand research endeavors.

We are committed to excellence in educating the pharmacist workforce for Nebraska and beyond, and to inspiring our graduates to learn, to teach, to aim high and to achieve their goals.  We are committed to improving human health through the discovery of new drugs, and to making drug therapy safer and more effective.  The faculty of the College are at the leading edge of innovation to meet these challenges.

The new building will be completely funded through private contributions.  Please help support the vision for a 21st century home for pharmacy education and research at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

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Brad Nelson

Brad Nelson

College of Public Health and College of Pharmacy
402-502-4141 direct
800-432-3216 toll free
Brad serves as director of development for the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s College of Public Health and College of Pharmacy. He joined the foundation in 2017 with several years of fundraising, community development and volunteer management experience.
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