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Olson Center for Women's Health Excellence Fund

Olson Center for Women's Health Excellence Fund

Have you ever thought what the ideal health care clinic would look like?  Is it a place where not only your doctor is a women's health specialist but the care you receive is extraordinary?  How about if they also offered other services such as all your blood tests, mammograms, physical therapy needs, diagnostic needs, and counseling?

One place like that does exist and it's the Olson Center for Women's Health located at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

With the help of generous donors, Dr. Leland & Dorothy Olson, the Olson Center for Women's Health has become a leader by being able to offer comprehensive outpatient care for women.  In addition to obstetric and gynecologic care, the Olson Center for Women's Health provides specialties including certified nurse midwifery, internal medicine, breast disease and digital mammography, physical therapy, social work services and nutritional counseling.  We believe this multidisciplinary care approach to be important with the impending changes brought on by the health care reform.

You can help women's health continue to expand and grow through this comprehensive approach.

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