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GYN Cancer Research Fund

GYN Cancer Research Fund

Most women dream of having a family. However, infertility and diseases of the reproductive system can drastically alter this dream. For some, it might become a nightmare.

The UNMC Department of Ob/Gyn's Research team seeks to enhance our understanding of all aspects of the reproductive process in order to improve women's health and reduce mortality. It is our hope that discoveries associated with these scientific pursuits will translate to innovative approaches to women's health issues and ultimately improved care for women.

The Department supports scientists and scholars investigating important topics related to fertility, infertility and gynecologic oncology in order to make distinctive strides in education, research, and service through innovative approaches to women's health issues. Our mission is to advance knowledge of reproductive physiology and pathology while training the next generation of scientists and facilitating interactions among clinicians and basic scientists at UNMC and other institutions. In keeping with this mission the Olson Center for Women's Health has been instrumental in providing support to initiate new collaborative research, support ongoing programs, and train postdoctoral fellows and medical residents.

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